Indeed, it’s merely been two short weeks since our travels through the Maritime Provinces. Allow me a bit more time to reflect on what was an amazing time. But first, I need a hefty slug of my morning java, before the morning fogs rolling in the cove engulf Northern Comfort.

Now back to our Maritime adventure, so in that light here are two more nautical type questions (answers at the end of the post):

killick – A: small rocky island. B: small anchor. C: small buoy.
coxswain –A: rudder. B: person in charge of a boat. C: person responsible for cleaning cabins

Don’t Google or for you traditionalists, dictionary search the answer.

Art – Before leaving our Maritime travels it would only be fair to point out that Halifax has a delightful Art Museum. Two special exhibits stand out; first a recognition of art produced by people with Autism.


Then, there is a celebration of the works produced by a last century woman by the name of Maud Lewis. This Nova Scotia folk artist, struck with Juvenile Arthritis, painted scenes with so much joy and pure color that one cannot help but smile. As part of the display they have moved the tiny house she lived in into the gallery. Her home too shows almost every inch as a color celebration.



Brexit thoughts – It was via our trusty satellite radio that I fixated on the vote in the UK last Thursday evening. My Libertarian leanings had me rooting for something which I predicted would not happen, but did: the UK leaving the EU.

In retrospect it was to be expected. The UK, a sovereign nation for well over a thousand years, home to the Magna Carta, and the cradle of modern day democracy revolting against being ruled by an ever more imperious, faceless bureaucracy, housed offshore and having little feel for British culture. A bureaucracy they didn’t elect and had little control of, and whose edicts had become more and more onerous.

It’s always the little things. The ‘little’ people became angered over an ecologically spurred ban on oversized electric appliances. And so, in reality it’s the Brit’s sacrosanct Tea kettle which became the straw which broke…..etc.

Add to this an out of control chaotic immigration policy and a once great idea, a European Common Market (1973), now having morphed into the European Union, ruled. The newly formed EU did what happens to governments, growing into an all-encompassing hugely burdensome bureaucracy complete with a ‘Supreme’ court. And so came that classic moment; “enough is enough”.

For those in a panic don’t worry, Elton John left England years ago and look, things are OK.

Fun Read – Here in the North Woods we take our rubbish and recyclables to our local community operated dump. Stuff anyone wants to share or pass along can be found in a designated place. Marcia grabbed me a copy of James A. Michener’s Journey, A Quest for Canadian Gold.

If you want to get a better idea of the look and feel of Canada in the year 1897 this lesser known Michener book you’ll want on your list. It provides wonderful insights into the amazing hardships people are willing to tolerate to achieve a goal.

It was a wonderful read. Thanks for the dump-dive Marcia.

Jammin’ – It’s been a major music week. Last Saturday, in the town of Iron Bridge (pop 900) there was a music festival in their hockey arena. Six acts from early afternoon till 1am. Our favorite was Northern Thunder – haven’t heard of them? Hang on, you probably will shortly.


Wednesday it was ‘Jam’ evening. About fifteen musicians gathered at the curling club. For nearly four hours it was mix of music and song. Primarily retirees, this was not a bunch of ‘hee-haw’ by any stretch. It was vital, moving, and joyful music, making for an uplifting evening. What a joy it was.

DSCF1277        DSCF1281        DSCF1286        DSCF1274

Foxes – So, after the Bear crossing Marlene’s and my path a couple of times we switched tactics and have only been walking our southern route (saves lugging a can of Bear spray around). Now it appears we have found a new friend, a fox. Nearby we have a fox den with a couple of kits. It’s the adults we spot on a regular basis. Showing absolutely no fear they will stand and pose. It’s to a point where Marcia laid down an edict; “no more fox photos’. I am designing a ‘selfie’ stick for foxes.

DSCF2914        DSCF2918

Fini – The Tree Swallows are almost frantic trying to keep up with feeding their young. Then yesterday we saw an extended family gather at the bird-house. Much chirping and diving around took place before I realized that a pair of red squirrels was taking note of the nest and it was them being dive-bombed. The little tree swallows won the battle.

The ‘garage’ cover has been put up for our little Deux Chevaux and promptly nearly blew apart. Last Monday we had the strongest winds I’ve experienced on the lake. Extra lines on the boats and a little work on the dock were required. Then it was waiting for our power to be restored – it came back on 5 hours later.

Vince, now having a three-week hiatus from chemo, is receiving radiation treatments. He’s begun a massive, daily, radiation event as part of his program to health. The news this week is upbeat. Again, just in case you’ve misplaced the special site Kirstin has set up for him, please just click here; Rally for Vince.

Tomorrow, a very Happy Birthday to Tevita, now the acknowledged master of the pig roast in Paddock Hills. Then on Friday a colossal happy Birthday to Kellen – wow a double digits guy. Love you both!

On the lake the Loons can be heard yodeling and wailing. This probably to alert me that it’s time to head out for my walk. To everyone, make it a great week and everyone, stay safe.



killick: llams rohcna
coxswain: nosrep gnidnammoc a taob

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