Our first full week since the Maritimes travel is behind us. I had hoped it could have been a time of reflection on what was a grand time. Not so.

The water-heater went out. The plumber said that he might… – more on that later.

What comes next are two maritime type questions (answers at the end of the post):

Baggywrinkle – A: Life Boat tarp. B: cloud formation signaling a storm surge. C: soft covering for cables to prevent chafing.
Escutcheon –A: main mast’s uppermost reaches. B: spare sail. C: part of a ship where its name is displayed

Don’t Google or dictionary search the answer.

Posts – The posts on the deck and stair rails have been capped. The local hardware store had a sale on solar powered and lighted caps and so these were bought and installed. DSCF1261 This morning the corner post, which also gets the most sunlight, was still lit – it was 5:00am! It finally clicked off at 5:10 when dawn broke.

Water-heater – went out and the plumber said that the truck might bring one on Thursday – this was Monday. Donn, Bob, and I had to shoot over to an adjacent town for something else, but we made a hardware stop. The place had a perfectly sized unit which I snapped up. From the car I cancelled the plumber’s order.

Monday afternoon I was at it, installing the new unit. Monday afternoon I got stuck installing the new unit (a proper ‘tee’ or correctly sized ‘plug’ was needed). Paul’s garage “Plumbing Parts” bin did not offer any assistance. That is when Donn stuck his nose in the door: “need a hand?”

Did I?

Soon, he spotted a solution and the new unit was turned on – now sporting two (2) Relieve Valves (one as placed by the manufacturer, the other salvaged from the old heater acting as the missing plug).

Only one little problem, little to no hot water pressure in the bathroom line. Donn came through again. Quickly we had an air compressor hooked up and the problem line was blown out. Some drying of the floor and all was perfection. Ah yes, and so goes life in the North Woods.

Amherst, Nova Scotia – is situated very near the Tantramar Marsh. For wildlife it’s noted as an incredible ecological area, especially as it’s on the migratory path for an array of water fowl.

This is the very end of the Bay of Fundy and the river that makes the marsh fills twice a day. This also means that it empties twice a day.

Our train adventure provided the good fortune to catch things at both ‘low’ and ‘high’ tide. Do yourself a favor and click on each thumbnail photo to see just how stunning this area is on full screen.

DSCF1029        DSCF1221

Pat – (I don’t know his last name) was sitting at a small table inside Halifax’s Maritime Museum. Marcia asked him why he was there. With a sparkle in his eye, he answered that in an age of pushing buttons and looking at screens he was asked to provide a “voice”.

At age 93 he had more ‘oomph’ than many of us. Pat had been on the seas for over a quarter of a century, and was still heavily involved in maritime matters – providing a ‘voice’ at the museum being one.

Our chat went from one thing to another. At some point he said, “care to read this?” and showed us a type-written poem. Turns out that he wrote it Remembrance Day (originally titled Armistice Day in 1973, at sea, after listening to a radio broadcast of that year’s Armistice remembrance events)

We asked that since he wrote he read it to us. He gladly did so – with fervor, emotion, and gestures – all from memory. I transcribed it, and so, here is Remembrance Day as written by Pat. I should mention that, when done, Marcia and I were both choked up.

Remembrance Day

1. The Last Post.
Chill, plaintive,
Infinitely sad,
Crystal-clear trumpet notes,
Tears raising,
Heartstrings tightening,
Goose flesh
And stone in throat,
Memories stirring,

We who came back,
Those who stayed.

2. Two Minutes Silence.
The tolling bell’s echoes
Die away
In the sudden quiet,
Scarce broken by
A cough, a sob,
A chink of arms or equipment,
A hoof against the cobbles;
Distantly, an aircraft noise
Impinging on the winter morning air.

As we, with them, are joined.

3. Reveille.

Now the brisk alarum
Sounds off,
Recalling us from,
The days that were yesterday,
Ending our reveries
And our communion.

To your sleep, good friends.
While we, to our living, return.


Bear – Marlene and I are back to doing our three-mile morning walk. Tuesday our walk cycled to our northern route. Just shy of the 1.5 mile mark Marlene was the first to spot it; “bear” she whispered.

At maybe 150 meters distance stood a Black Bear, in the middle of the road. For maybe 20-secondes it stared at us. In turn we stared at it, the Marlene started waving her arms over her head. Meanwhile I started pounding my walking stick on the pavement and growled as loud as I could. That is when the bear ambled into the bush. That is when Marlene and I did an about face and headed back, now slightly shy of doing three miles.

Thursday we were back on the northern path. This time a car stopped and an acquaintance from a lake further north mentioned that she’d spotted a bear around the bend.

This time we were not about to be deterred. We were on the ready and yes, we did our full three miles.

For the next few days we will stick to our southern route. Actually, maybe we’ll even stick to our southern route till after Bear Hunting season starts.

Fini – Humming Birds are back at the feeder now that we’ve placed one.

The Tree Swallows are proudly showing off their home and busily preparing for their offspring.


The ‘garage’ cover has been put up so that Our Duck (the little Deux Chevaux) has cover. And, finally the Pontoon has been launched. The old Evinrude engine must have been winterized appropriately since it fired up on the first crank.

Vince has begun his massive Chemo regiment. It’s with certainty that we know he’ll persevere. The amount of support he’s receiving is doing wonders. Just in case you’ve misplaced the special site Kirstin has set up for him, please just click here; Help Vince Fight Cancer.

To everyone, make it a great week and everyone, stay safe.



Baggywrinkle: gnirevoc rof selbac
Escutcheon: pihs, erehw sti eman si deyalpsid

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