Here we are, without any visual connection to the world. For a news junky such as me, satellite radio is a god-send. But, having matters unfold visually does have its place.

This week, another horror has just unfolded. This time in an area where Marcia and I strolled along the beautiful Baie des Anges not too many years ago while we were in Nice, France. Now that I am beginning to sip my morning coffee the coup happenings (and its seeming failure) in Turkey are being reported on in the background.

Turkey, in its Constitution, places on the military the duty to maintain its hard-fought Democracy. Their President Erdogan has spent his time consolidating his power by replacing Judges, Military leadership, and rigging elections. This along with ‘choking’ their news media and opposition speech (the despot’s favorite, now you see them now you don’t trick); all in order to move Turkey into becoming an authoritarian Islamist state. Instead of watching the events unfold, leave it to President Obama to immediately announce his support for Erdogan.

It’s also a problem for NATO, Turkey is a member, and at the same time, NATO with its feckless leadership is basically an empty shell. So now, here is Turkey and its coup; what to do, what to do?

“Democracy is like a streetcar, you take it to your stop and then you get off” ~ Recep Tayyip Erdogan – President of Turkey

Need for Food – I wouldn’t exactly say that we were going hungry. Nor would I say that we did not eat well. However, it was last May since we had a major food shopping event. Oh sure, there have been trips for some of the basics, but it was ‘variety’ that was affected.

So, last Wednesday we traveled across the border to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. This was not to avoid shopping in Canada; it was primarily to tap into greater variety, lower prices, and for better quality especially in fruits (gas at half the price of here in Canada did not hurt either).

It was to a point where Marcia, who normally prefers home cooked, now suggested we eat out. So, Monday evening it was off to the nearby OutPost Lodge for Turkey dinner served family style. Lovely!


However, since our shopping spree a major event has occurred. Marcia broke out her copy of The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook written by Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer Purcell – the Fabulous Beekman Boys. Everyone; eat your heart out!

DSCF2939        DSCF2943

Why we bought Northern Comfort – once again became clear. Adrianne sent us a photograph with the write-up; “a photo of a project that Vai made while at camp. Her description is that it is of her in a kayak in Canada. Adorable.” Oma and Opa concur.


Now and then one of the grandkids will pop up with a thought or a statement which lets us know that the thrill, the pleasure, and the excitement of times spent at the cabin is a wonderful part of their memories. Couple that with their looking-forward to their next stay and having this place makes it all worthwhile.

Finis – This weekend brother Pieter and sis-in-law Jeanne are in Chicago as their nephew is getting married. Aside from a massive celebration it’s Pieter’s honor to marry the happy couple as their wedding Officiant. Pretty cool huh?

On our morning walks we pass a smallish marshy area with a ton of turtles and even more Bullfrogs, complete with their distinct call; “jug o’rum, more rum”. Lately I’ve heard fewer calls. Then yesterday morning I spotted a Great Blue Heron fly out of that marsh. The Heron’s favorite food? Frogs!

Congratulations to Adrianne and Tevita on the closing of their former home – even though it was a classic Sears Catalog house.

Upbeat news out of Austin. Vince completed round two and apparently is ‘plowing’ through the worst of the chemo side effects. Next week he’ll get scanned at MD Anderson in Houston. All the support and prayers extended to him are being felt. Here it is, continuing to post the link to his site and updates just in case you forgot where you parked it: Rally for Vince.



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