Happy Canada Day (yesterday, July 1st) and Happy Independence Day (Monday, July 4th). Last evening, in celebration, we shot a – very loud – starter’s pistol over the cove. The echo that blasted back at us seemed even louder than the pistol shot itself. In fact it was loud enough so that fish jumped out of the water. That combined with a bonfire caused me to sleep in a little. I now best started pouring my coffee to make up for a shortened night.

“Anyone that wants the presidency so much that he’ll spend two years organizing and campaigning for it is not to be trusted with the office.” ~ David Broder

Another week and an additional jump by the Clintons into yet another septic tank. In case you hadn’t heard, Bill, by pure ‘coincidence’, ran into the Attorney General at an airport in Arizona and the decided to have a 30-minute private conversation on her plane. He, the grand ‘pooh-bah’ of the Clinton Foundation and possibly at minimum a witness in the ongoing FBI investigations had a private meeting! Broder mentions “two years organizing” in the quote, how do we view Hillary at eight years of organizing?

A Canadian writer in Canada’s National Post starts an article with the headline; “America has only itself to blame”. Not a tirade against Hillary per se, but a bit of a tirade for failing to see ourselves in Hillary. The cry; “Our politicians used to address themselves to the best in us — what happened?” can be heard. However, we fail to remember characters such as Wallace who ran just a few years ago. We remember Abraham Lincoln, but little of the “parade of presidential crumbbums and old soaks whose pusillanimity created the need for Lincoln” (National Post).

The National continues; “remarkable, isn’t it? The United States retrieved rocks from the Moon because a president remarked that, hey, this seems like a difficult and impressive thing to try. A president created the interstate highway network. A president ended the Cold War. American government, goaded by presidents, brought electricity to the wilds of half a continent, eliminated polio, built the bomb”. So now we cheer on a candidate who can’t lift 30,000 compromised emails off her shoulders – we only have ourselves to blame.

Our wildlife friends – I thought that I’d have a sinking feeling when the young Tree Swallows flew the nest. So that now the bird house sits empty and forlorn. Not so.

Taking the kayak into the back reaches of the cove on a bright day I had a good-sized Smallmouth Bass lazily swim through the reeds and lily pads following the edge of the kayak’s shadow. Its silvery stripes would glisten each time it wagged its tail.

Standing on our deck I watched two pitch-black Mink race each other around our little lakeside yard chattering away at each other. Probably something about, “it’s your turn to do the dishes”.

With the wind kicking about I took a break from paddling while heading home and in the middle of the cove. Unexpectedly two adult Loons popped up from their dive – about 30 feet from me. I sat dead still and looked into their red eyes and watched their beaks move as they wailed their phenomenal cries. What a moment. Too soon they both dove and my spell was broken. Neighbors on shore watched the event; I am now labeled the “Loon Whisperer”.

And, starting low, I sat and watched as a Bald Eagle DSCF1291 began to climb the air currents and circle overhead. Eventually this massive creature with a seven-foot wingspan was but a speck against the clouds.

Then, hearing jumping around at the water’s edge Marcia and I watched three River Otters cavorting about – actually probably feeding on little Rock Bass that are always by the sunken crib which sits there.

Marcia’s container veggie garden which re-purposed “Poopie-Patch” the old canoe and other containers are sprouting an amazing array of healthy veggies and herbs.


So, no sinking feeling, just that nature’s ‘palette’ has shifted.

Bell Canada – Paul’s land line phone went on the fritz almost two weeks ago. Finally, last Monday, the repair guy showed up. He was a temporary ‘import’ from the big city – Toronto. The first words out of his mouth were; “any Bears around here?” Donn and I assured him that, yes there were—on occasion. I think that was the reason he spent most of his time on his ladder. He was as the old folk singing group, The Kingston Trio, sang; “a worried man”.

After another long call to HQ he asked where the Chub Tower was. We told him, about 7 KM up the highway and then a small drive up a hill. “Bears?” came the question. Donn said for him to blow the horn and he’d be OK. Eventually he came back with no success.

I don’t believe he ever left the cab of his truck.


Travel – This was the week that our gang from Austin was supposed to be here. Due to circumstances this didn’t happen.

But wait. We have a solution. Early next month Marcia and I will head for Austin! Not just the two of us, but our Cincinnati gang too. We’re viewing it as “Christmas in August”.

We’re flying out of northern Michigan’s Chippewa County airport which by itself has plusses and minuses. Fewer flights – for us this means a 5:10 AM departure (and a 1:30 AM departure from Northern Comfort). On the other hand, security will be more manageable. This airport has a deputy Sherriff acting as ‘TSA’ agent, his wife handling screening, and his daughter as the backup ‘agent’. Hey, it all works.

Fini – Due to the evening campfires I slept in a wee bit this morning. Then, just about the time I saw the “cheers” finale appear, but not quite there, Marcia said that we’d have to leave for ‘Floods’ in a few minutes. Marcia and Barb were going to explore the “strawberry fields forever” at the Floods farm and pick strawberries. I had errands in town. When I picked the ladies up Marcia had approximately ten pounds of super sweet fresh strawberries.


Coming back Bob-the-Forester already had the log-splitter idling. Gloves on and into the fray I went. Now, having split about 20 log sections it’s back to this week’s post

Vince, now getting treatment has gained 3 pounds – yeah! He’s gained some energy and is back to driving himself to work. Just as for the past few weeks, here is the link to his site and updates: Rally for Vince.



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