Earlier this week I really thought that we were done with summer – cold, rain, wind, and grey skies. Concurrently, I happened to be reading a book where the Ojibwa word for the end of summer was used, dagwaging. For earlier part of this week Northern Comfort experienced a gadwaging moment.

Now it’s great coffee and bright skies again.

“If God had intended us to fly he would have made it easier to get to the airport” ~ Jonathan Winters

And – in a couple of days we’ll be off to Texas for a family gathering. Why you ask? Our plans this past winter called for a 2016 Christmas-in-Texas. Now, with all that is going on we changed that the Christmas-in-August. So, it’s because we thought the time was right; right for a wonderful family gathering is why we’re off to Austin. Also, it’s the right time to embrace Vince and ‘lift’ him onward to his goal for a full recovery.

This past week he ran a full, 11-minute, mile. How great is that?

I’ll try to post next week, but no guarantees

Speechifying part Deux – Way back in Biblical days it was believed a miracle if a Jackass spoke. Now, the times, they have a changed as Dylan could sing. This past week there was a lot of ‘speechifying’. Not being by a TV meant that the satellite radio was my ‘window’ and probably a better vehicle to take note of the happenings.

My rating of the top ranked folk – speech-style, not necessarily idea-power:

Bloomberg – ‘A’
Pakistani father of son killed in Middle East – ‘A+’
Biden – ‘A’
Obama – ‘A’
Michelle – ‘A’
Hillary – ‘D+’

I was impressed at just how many silver-tongued speakers there were. It was also remarkable how readily a negative was turned into positive, or the lackluster into something inspiring. The ‘spin’ is alive and well in America.

As one who has sailed a bit in younger years, I was left with an impression on the week’s final speech; like a ship, she tooted louder when in a fog.

Little Seen Critters – This year we’ve had a variety of animal life around the cabin; some not often seen, such as Mink and River Otters. But then, there are creatures seldom seen at all. For example, twice this summer I saw a large (chicken sized) Pileated Woodpecker fly through our yard. These birds tend to be skittish and will work hard to keep clear of humans.

However, based on the ‘hammering’ nearby I knew that we had at least one fairly close-by. I was cutting low-hanging branches with a pair of loppers when I heard the bird again. It wasn’t difficult ‘hone in’ and get an idea of exactly where it was that all the hammering took place.

I walked into the woods away from the drive and only had to go about fifty feet into the bush to find its favorite tree. Take a good look at the size of these holes (my baseball cap is there for size). These are not little pencil sized holes, not even acorn or walnut sized, these are massive openings. One of the locals once told me that one of these birds bored through one of his cabin’s window frames in mere minutes.


Then, occasionally, you happen to take note of something normally not spotted. I walked onto the porch and, on the screening, next to the door was a June Beetle, this one over one inch in size. Its glistening brown wing coverings made it a stand-out.


Finis – Marcia is totally packed. I am partially packed and am managing to get all my travel clothing, etc. in a single backpack – a first.

All summer I’ve been hearing about my jammerings DSCF2948 regarding my difficulties dealing with connecting to the outside world. I just want to say that I am not the only one. Note how M & D too have to explore trying to find the optimum location to ‘touch’ the wider world. Here they are downloading,  in town, and not exactly at a Starbucks. But hey, when it works…..

Now that Vince is back to running, I had best get ready to take my morning walk – I do want to keep up with him as he sets out. Just, as a reminder, here’s the link to his updates: Rally for Vince. Your prayers and thought are making a difference.



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