It’s Saturday morning. And with all the news, weather, political guttering, or nasty folk doing nasty things, we’re being presented with an onslaught of ‘creepy’ clowns.

“Hundreds of creepy clowns terrorizing people across multiple states. On the bright side, they can all be picked up in one police car.”~ Tim Reidell

Looking at it objectively I have to think that people in general, and their willingness to be pulled into the nonsensical, are not that far removed from the people involved in the Salem Witch-hunts of long ago.


Walking Update – The 3.5 mile daily loop has been adhered to – 5K map once every day. In fact, so much so that right after this post I’ll be signing up for a 5K  Frozen run/walk sponsored by the Cincinnati Cyclones (our town’s Hockey team) on February 4, 2017.. I really do like winter and this way I get to experience it firsthand. Watch, it’ll be a 65 degree day.

Back in the groove – especially with my HOA duties. This coming Thursday there’ll be a Board meeting and the agenda had to be organized.

I’ve spent more time than necessary on the fire system, but that should be operational by Monday. Marcia has begun to complain with sly little statements such as; “you spend more time on ‘stuff’ here than you ever did on our house”. Maybe so, but I do enjoy our digs.

We’ve gotten together with our neighborhood friends. It seems that they too have come to terms and two couples will be moving. Not certain if Marcia and I were the impetus, we’d like to think so.

What is interesting is that when we moved into our home there was barely a place for sale. Our move brought new, young blood into the area. Shortly it seemed as if we were the first of a wave of new young families. Now it seems as if we’re the first of a new wave of ‘fogies’ shuffling our way out as a new wave of replacements move in: The circle of life.

And, we can’t forget Soccer Season. I love it with these kids. Win or lose, the thrill of the game is what counts, enthusiasm reigns, and happiness ensues.


Findlay Market – was a joy to get back to. Our favorite bread bakery – everything is hand made in a wood oven at a nearby farm. The Amish Acorn Squash we got in Canada and which we’ve grown to love was spotted at the market – a moment of joy! Then it’s the smells, the people watching, and the sights of the neighborhood which are just lovely and inviting.

DSCF1832        DSCF1824        DSCF1825        DSCF1831        DSCF1827        DSCF1848


Finally, I spotted one of the new Streetcars slip on by. Unlike the old beasts which ‘trundle’, these ‘sidle’. I was not a fan of this whole project, and think that an earlier proposal would have been better. However, I do have to admit that the system looks great and will be a boon to the area. There, I said it!

Brunch – last Sunday was a happy time. Thirty seconds after their arrival most of the gang was at the Pin Ball machine; my old mid-eighties Bally Speakeasy. The rest were lying on the floor playing a variety of games (they had said they couldn’t wait to play the games at Oma and Opa’s). The day before we left Northern Comfort we took a final ATV run to an abandoned Copper/Uranium mine. There I spent some time hunting around for those ‘special’ rocks to bring back. I was fully convinced that each kid was eagerly awaiting the beginning of a rock collection. I gave away one rock; only because five year old Vili was too shy to say “no thank you”.

DSCF1869        DSCF1856        DSCF1871        DSCF1863

Oh well, I’m saving the rest of those rocks because I just know they’ll eventually come around, one by one. Anyone want to start a rock collection?

Finis – One more week and the thinking is that the time will be right for Apple Picking.

I purchased a “Magic Bullet” and now am enjoying healthy fruit and Kale smoothies for lunch. What a great idea that was.

Vince is being watched carefully until his next scan, sans Chemo. Having a hiatus from that stuff has to feel good: Rally for Vince.

Now, let the day begin! Tomorrow, instead of the ‘Debate’ we’ll be listening to XM radio broadcast live from the Austin City Limits Music Festival (Kirstin is there attending the thing). Between 4:00 and 10:00 pm they’ll have some of our favorite bands/musicians perform: Nathanial Rateliff, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Willie Nelson, and Mumford and Sons. I do believe we’re on the winning side.



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