Here’s to you all having a superb Saturday morning – and as soon as the coffee finishes perking I know I will. I am starting this week’s post a bit early, just trying to get it uploaded before the next Disruption of Service hack attack hits again.

A couple of evenings ago New York’s hoity-toity held their annual Al Smith Catholic charities fundraiser. Hillary and Trump were the main dinner speakers – neither were anywhere near Will Rogers’ caliber. In fact, their ‘humor’ was so atrocious that I thought I’d take a break from the norm and get everybody back on track:

“What’s the difference between a cat and a comma?”~ One has claws at the end of its paws and one is a pause at the end of a clause.

There, now feel a bit more ‘uplifted’, is there a little bit of a smile on your face?

Teacher In-Service Day – is actually a great name for a calming day away from the little urchins for teachers. But, no matter what it really is, it’s a pain in the rear for working parents. Hence, the unspoken role of a grandparent – especially one who is retired.

I had two choices. Keep them under roof and waste away a day with horrid cartoons, a bit of reading, and a board game or two. Difficult when there are two, each on their own ‘rung’ of the maturity/learning ladder.

The second choice I place under the category of; ADVENTURE (with a capital ‘A’). By 9:00 Vai, Vili, and their Opa were on the road. First stop was the Zoo. The photo will give an idea whether or not that piece of the Adventure was a success.


Phase two; travel on Cincinnati’s reincarnation of the Streetcar. This was huge (pronounced “YUUUUGE”). But first it was an outdoor lunch –Taco and an Icee – at Findlay Market, since that was where I knew there’d be a streetcar stop.

Then it was a stop at our main library. Several computer games and a stack of books under my arm later we left – and promptly turned the wrong way. Five blocks later still no streetcar tracks.

Let me point out that when a five year old runs out of energy it’s akin to a car running out of gas – both stop cold. One stays dead quiet, the other begins to whine. And, remember, I just knew that we were at least five blocks from where we needed to be.

The old game of “tow-truck” came to the rescue and we did make it back, just prior to a short downpour.

Once I fixed the just-purchased-at-the-zoo Transformer Zoo animal toy I got for each and from which I had promptly pulled off a head trying to Transform it, life was good. They were happy, mom was delighted. I put my feet up.

DSCF3262        DSCF1836        DSCF3241        DSCF3247        DSCF3255        DSCF3259

Wikileaks – Is this not the new Fourth Estate? The only reason I am even asking this is that it’s apparent that for the former bastions of “all the news fit to print” it’s become obvious that every time.


So, what’s left but something such as Wikileaks? The reality is perfectly clear. As Morrissey, British singing icon since the eighties stated in a rant on the BBC and Sky News coverage of Brexit; “these news teams are exactly the same as Fox and CNN in that they all depend on public stupidity in order to create their own myth of reality. Watch them at your peril!”

Animal Planet – I’ve been seeing this flower in a number of yards and finally discovered its name –Hardy Hibiscus. The size of a baseball cap the big red and pink flowers are stunning.


The latest Zoo addition is the Hippopotamus compound. These two ton, 11 foot long creatures are even more impressive when seen in their pool and mere inches away behind Plexiglas. Then, right next door, we found this Grey crowned crane.


Finis –Last evening at Dinah, Vai, and Vili’s school it was the annual Fall Fair. For three hours it was a bedlam of running, games, music, food, and over-the-top excited kids. Many parents were valiantly fighting back beginning headaches. Cathy was a face painter par excelance. Adrianne organized and manned the football toss which was one of the attractions in the gymn. I had a great time.

DSCF3280        DSCF3269

For soccer, it’s the final game of the season later today. This evening Tevita, Jason, and I will attend the UC Bearcats football game as guests of Tevita’s friend Sione (#50 DT) – thanks Sione.

At our age time rolls way too fast. So, when I finally looked at my calendar I realized that I missed my shout-out to Paul by a week and a half. Here’s to you Paul, and I hope that the next 354 days will be calmer than the past 365 – have a great year.

After listening to all the Global Warming jibber-jabber and the ‘accord’ this and the ‘accord’ that, I am now just going to sit back and wait for the next mini ice age – it’s right around the corner. Apparently the sun is heading into a cooling cycle. Think I’m kidding? Read it here.



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