And a good Saturday morning to you. And all through the land it’ll be a momentous time this coming week. But, first: Coffee!

Keep calm, it’s; The Final Countdown

Song; Europe ~ Crazy Frog ~ SpongeBob Square Pants


This week it was more TV watching than for the whole of last year. Seamlessly I slid from one Senate grilling to another as a parade of prospective Cabinet members floated by.

Then, Bam!

It was either a Thunder clap or a tree had fallen over; neither happened. Lifting the window blind, there, right in front of our window, immediately in front, stood the HMBCincinnati van. It was a beautiful van prominently marked with pink Hearts and the words; Healthy Moms and Babes.

However, the van was not so healthy. The side awning had clipped the electric pole next to the curb and frame and all was, mostly, on the ground. A shaken nurse and driver emerged to assess.

The ladies sprang into action and in short order had secured things and off they drove. Nicely done ladies.

Grilling – OK, some softballs, but also a lot ‘grilling’. The confirmation hearings candidates were capably handling their own, so that was no issue. What was bothersome was the parade of women senators. These are strenuous times, a huge deficit both in revenue and in trade, ISIS, China and N. Korea, and a media spewing massive amounts of propaganda (now cutely reworded; Fake News), etc.

It was therefore the absolute focus of these ladies on “Gay rights” and LGBQ/T (did I get that right?) issues which became an embarrassment.

General James ‘Mad-Dog’ Mattis, was interviewed at his confirmation hearing for the Secretary of Defense slot. Eventually one of the newly elected Senators from California began her questioning – you guessed it, on gay rights and LGBQ/T issues.

General Mattis took a moment to take stock of the question and responded to the Senator: “My belief is that we have to stay focused on the military that is so lethal that on the battlefield, it is the enemy’s longest day and worst day when they run into that force”. “I’ve never cared much about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with.”

Presidential ‘push back’ – A couple of days ago we saw a ‘dust up’ during President Elect’s Press Conference. Actually, it was a massive ‘push back’.

I’ve been a political news junkie since Kennedy/Nixon, during that time voted for both Democrats and Republicans. What has not changed throughout that whole time is the news reporting – actually it’s only gotten worse. It’s always Progressive leaning with a few more balanced outlets, but always progressively slanted.

Times where conservative candidates like McCain and Romney where asked ‘gotcha’ questions while their opponents were fed soft balls were responded to in a gentlemanly manner. Even President Reagan, ostensibly one of our best Presidents, was still being ‘ripped-raw’ by the Press as he was set to leave office. Now, times are different and both Buzzfeed and CNN ran straight into the Trump buzz-saw. They’re on notice; these are different times.


Living on the edge of the Inner City – means that we see stuff on our sidewalks not seen in suburbia. Over the past eight years we’ve seen change; in our town, primarily for the better. Not due to any effort by a Federal government, but through enterprising city fathers and the Private Sector colaboration.

From the Federal government and the outgoing administration it’s been a lot of talk with zero action. Now, with many of my progressive friends in near panic mode I took note of the following: “Jim Brown’s Amer-I-Can program to hold pre-inauguration party in D.C.”, President-Elect Donald Trump announced.

The receipts for attending the event will benefit Brown’s empowerment foundation. That plus comedian Steve Harvey of Family Feud has volunteered to work with Dr. Ben Carson to work on our Urban Core problems – both people who have lived and not just studied an ‘issue’. And, the inauguration has not yet happened — change is in the wind.


Jazz – Last Tuesday our friend, Rosalie, Marcia and I went to the west side of Cincinnati – a foreign country to us eastsiders.

Rosalie loves Jazz and her friend, Dr. Phil DeGreg (a recently retired tenured professor of Music at the world class University of Cincinnati’s Conservatory of Music) and his trio were performing. The venue was a small hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint.

The evening turned into a stunning event. Ever had the chance to the The Beatles’, Hey Jude done as a Jazz piece? We did. The food was as good and fresh as it could be and my beer ice cold (Marcia and Rosalie didn’t complain about their Margaritas and Flan either).



Finis – This week, those still struggling, think Presidency and not President. For some it’ll be a ‘lights-out’ moment for others a ‘new dawn’. For all, it’s a great time as we enter a new era, whether we’re excited or not we’re free to experience and discuss our feelings. Remember, as a nation we’ve now gone through this ritual 44 times and we’re doing better than just ‘hanging in’. As singer Lee Greenwood is loves to sing; “God Bless the U.S.A..

Make it a great week everyone.



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