And a good Saturday morning to you. Week two and Marcia has the croup.

: inflammation, edema, and subsequent obstruction of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi especially of infants and young children that is typically caused by a parainfluenza virus and is marked by episodes of difficult breathing and low-pitched cough resembling the bark of a seal

This morning I got off on some, less than perfect, start. Woke up with Marcia ‘hacking’ in my ear, started the computer to work on The Ramblings and could not connect to the internet.

Then, left that to make coffee… filters! I did remember Marcia saying; “guess how many filters are in this pack (the answer was 700)?” The hunt was on. Our condo is not that big, but checking every drawer and cupboard was for naught. Eventually I cut up a paper towel and produced a blended pot; a coffee grounds mix.

When Marcia – hack hack – got up she calmly explained that, of course, she’d placed all 700 filters in the laundry area. I should have thought it through a bit better.

If you’re not supposed to abuse the cough syrup, why does it come with a shot glass? ~ Anonymous

Now that winter has settled in for most of us, I thought I’d call my old friend, Claire up in the north-woods of Ontario. Turns out his wife, Yvette, complains of a similar ailment. Only, Claire called the doctor.

Here is Claire’s tale as I today recall:

An’ what was said by Doc Dafoe
Ees publish heverywhare,
But what de poor ole man ‘e say
Nobody seem to care.

Wen Doc Dafoe come0 tru de door,
An’ say; “Oxcoos to ‘er”
An’ den de poor ole woman wipe
‘er forehead on ‘er t’row.

An say; “de joke ees good, but pleas”,
De cough, heenough ees quite heenugh.”
I feel jus’ like Claire ‘e order me
Was a nice poutine for lunch:

“oxcoos to me.” So says ma fren Claire,
“It’s bes’ be wen’ I send de ole woman
some yarn an pair of socks.” De rest I says
eeet’s bes’ you shouldn’t know. ~ Claire, our Northwoods Everyman

New Years – had me heading off to a neighborhood party. Marcia, being ‘under-the-weather’ climbed under the covers. At the party I ended up climbing under a ‘blanket’ of home-made Eggnog. Here is the recipe: 3 cups of Bourbon, 3 cups of Rum, 2 cups of Brandy. Well blended and it’s oh so smooth.

I believe I shut the door behind me around 1:30 AM. Furthermore, I’ve concluded that every so often a bit of an outing becomes a necessity. Hope that you too had a great entry into 2017.


Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival – was everything I had hoped for when we set out last Sunday afternoon for Christ Church Cathedral in the downtown area. With a cast of 170, actors, a mass choir, orchestra, singers, and Good King Wenceslas, Pages, Trumpeters, Heralds, Beefeaters, Cooks, Bakers, Huntsmen, Shepherds, a Lord and Lady of the Manor, Attendants, Poor men, a Sprite, Waits, and Pilgrims it was all I expected.


Carols dating back to the 15th and 16th century as well as those we all know and could sing along with. It was grand!

We ended the evening with a birthday dinner for ‘Madame’ (keeping it in the spirit of the evening) at Palomino Restaurant overlooking Fountain Square and the outdoor ice rink.

IMG_20170101_182842304        IMG_20170101_182921451

Animal Planet – earlier this week, shortly after dark, I drove a friend to a nearby garage to pick up his repaired car. Returning we got back to his house – 3-miles from the city center – and turned into the drive. There in his yard were two full grown White Tail deer. Then, from his neighbor’s yard came a gorgeous Stag.

This morning, 9-degrees outside, and Tevita and work buddies headed out to go bow hunting for, yup you guessed it, White Tails. Think I should have told him to just drive the one mile to my friend’s place? Naw, what he’s doing will be more fun.

Finis – Tuesday we’re off to a Jazz concert – the Phil DeGreg Trio, at Avocados Cocina Mexicana located in the west side of town. For those who don’t know, Cincinnati is majorly divided into an East and West side divided by I-75.

Make it a great week everyone.



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