And a great Saturday morning to you. Fresh coffee in hand and a new era in front – so ready!

Jack Welch, arguably one of the top CEO’s ever [headed GE into new heights], and his wife Suzy, coauthors of a variety of business books both Tweeted on the inaugural speech Jack: “Great speech.. action… oriented… consistent…” Suzy: “No one doubles down like Donald Trump. This speech. Holy guacamole.”

What we heard yesterday was not just a shot across the bow, but a direct hit. First it was our new President thanking all the assembled previous Presidents for their service and transition input. Then came a complete skewering of the past 40 years, years which saw us, as a nation, move into Globalism – a trend where an ever more massive and ever-more faceless bureaucracy rules by fiat.

This morning’s Wall Street Journal headline sums up the changeover nicely: The Trump Era Dawns: “We are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people

Then, for those who happened to miss the festivities surrounding this peaceful transfer of power, one could not help but look at the ladies, Michelle, Melania, Ivanka, and other past First Ladies.

Actor James Woods put it well; “Without a doubt the story of this inauguration has been the class and dignity and elegance of the women surrounding our new leaders.”

Media – by and large sucks. I love a parade, always have. Yesterday the inaugural parade was just movement and backdrop to a cluster of highly paid ‘experts’ talking about everything and anything that was of interest to them. The only time there seemed to be a pause in the stream of blah, blah, and blah, was when the drums and horns of a passing band would drown them out.

The final piece which ‘forced’ me to click away from the main stations was this. Just as the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors [TAPS] group with many children marching was coming into view these media clowns saw fit to break away to show a handful of anarchist thugs in their wanna-be ninja costumes break a store-front’s windows. This type of coverage was absolutely shameful and disrespectful to all the folk who came to celebrate this event.

I did find a small Colorado ‘station’ streaming on You Tube [Golden State Times] which allowed me to watch the rest of the parade, and where just the on-site announcer provided a short introductory overview to each segment. Thank you!

As the photo shows, the Press does love to cover every aspect of an event, especially even the minutiae of any little unorthodox happening – the weirder the better.

First noticeable difference – I have always respected Winston Churchill as a leader; even going so far as attending Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute for my high school. Needless to say I was disheartened when, then President Obama, removed a bust of Churchill given to the American people by the Brits from the Oval Office. It wasn’t that big a deal, but disappointing nonetheless.

So, you can imagine that even before the Inaugural Balls started up I noted a photo of the just refurbished Trump Oval Office and there, in full view, I spotted my hero back on a side table. To me, this was Trump’s very first totally positive move. Thanks Mr. President.

Churchill is back

A bar of soap – was the title for this week’s post. Soap, a symbol for cleaning and cleanliness – but I’m not going in that direction (kids will interpret as being political).

No, this is totally different. Last weekend Marcia and I went on our, every once in a while, journey to Jungle Jim’s. The place is a food palace which draws folk from a hundred miles away.

Marcia mentioned that she needed a bottle of Body Wash. My instant response was, “why?”, since I knew we had several bars of soap.

Anyway, women think differently. Her immediate response was, “you just never know where that soap has been”.

That was language I understood. However, being a Dutchman, I just couldn’t pitch several perfectly good bars of soap – there had to be solution.

Finally, I discovered something I felt that Marcia, the pure one, could live with: a checklist.

This soap was most recently used as follows:
A: on a flat surface only []
B: on a curved surface []
C: on a crevice []

See how simple, now, depending of ‘last’ use she can continue or stop using the bar – her call.

Clever huh?

Finis – This week it’ll be a Happy Birthday moment for our eldest, Kirstin. Remember, were not getting older, you’re just catching up. Love you.

Make it a great week everyone.



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