And a great Super Bowl Sunday morning to you. Yesterday while shopping I found myself chatting with the ‘veggie’ guy at the Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (BTW – they had a great deal on Avocados). He asked if I was rooting in particular. I told him; “some prodigious ads” – he gave me a look.

Actually, it pretty well summarizes my thoughts on the game itself. Just don’t get lost in all the hype. Party hearty though.

”I really don’t have too much to say, boss. I really don’t. I appreciate it, but I don’t get it. I’m just here so I won’t get fined, boss. That’s the only reason I’m here.” ~ Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks running back

And, since this is the season of Fake news, I’ll insert this bit;

“When Super Bowl time comes around, we get jealous.” ~ The Bengals front office

Kale – I’ve begun to notice that all of a sudden there’s a whole world of people who are suddenly very concerned about Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s fiber intake.

Then, seeing the news show-casing the wanna-be ‘ninja’ anarchist thugs batter the Berkeley University campus I realized I was finally able to decipher their screams and ‘war’ cries; “Can she eat more Kale?”

At first I had no idea what that was all about since I personally love the stuff, whether in a, smoothie, dried as a chip, raw in salads, and especially in my favorite Dutch peasant comfort food – Boerenkool Stamppot. I even think that I’ve heard the Dutch say, “Boerenkool is het nieuwe zwart” (Kale is the new black).

It takes me a bit longer, but slowly it all began to make sense.

More Kale, more Kale for everyone!
A balmy morning – Marcia got up and immediately questioned my sanity. I was one step ahead of her and had looked at the morning temperature and was totally satisfied.

See, last October I signed up for the Saturday February 4, 2017 Cincinnati Cyclones Frozen 5/10K. I wasn’t so much trying to be a glutton for punishment, but as a way to stop behaving like a couch potato all winter – now I had a goal. And, I’ve managed to walk all winter long. The odd days where the weather is completely out of sync I have managed to stay on the treadmill or ellipse at the gym as an add-on to the other stuff.

At 9:00pm Friday evening Tevita let me know that he wanted to join the fun – I now had company. The temperature was supposed to be 11 degrees F with maybe as high as 14. Turns out it was (as I told Kirstin) a ‘balmy’ 19-degrees and the sun even popped out.

As with all these events it’s almost impossible not to be upbeat. Surrounded by 4,000 enthusiastic people, blaring music, a bit of cheering, and throw in some cow bell clanging. It was great!


IMG_20170204_084808209        IMG_20170204_085517243_TOP  IMG_20170204_084828329-c

It takes a village – OK, a small bit of introduction. Saturday evenings, between seven and nine, I listen to CBC1 (Canada) radio’s Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap program.

Bachman; “a Canadian musician best known as lead guitarist, songwriter and a founding member of the 1960s and 1970s rock bands The Guess Who and Bachman–Turner Overdrive.” Songs such as: Taking Care of Business, No Time, American Woman. (Wiki)

So, between finishing dinner and my 7pm ‘magic’ hour start I had time for a short walk.

“Short walk?” you say. Yup, a little nutty maybe, but I wanted to see how my walking “app” would function combining two separate events in a single day. Alright, so I was completely nuts!

A half mile out and I got texted. It was Adrianne; “Joel just called and said your alarm went off. Is all OK?” I immediately called Marcia – no answer – no surprise there. I turned around and went home (my app said I did it in record time).

So, here is the story. I had left prior to the condo’s main fire alarm going off. Adrianne’s friend (ours too) Joel is a Fire Department EMT and heard dispatch send the fire wagons to our address. He was on duty, but at a different district, so he called Adrianne; “there is an issue at your parent’s condo, is all OK?”, Adrianne texted me – lots of ‘blank stare’ from me, so I called Marcia – and then I ran home.

As Marcia told a neighbor, we are sooooo covered!

Finis – Wrapping up, the Fire call proved to be a lot of kitchen smoke in one of the top-floor units due to spillage (so they claim). Since I’ve worked in a bit of Dutch earlier, let me continue. If these folk persist setting off their alarm I would have thought that a “douche” on the premises prevents such situations.

If heading out for a S.B. Party, stay safe, but enjoy!

Make it a great week everyone.



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