A great Saturday morning to you. I’ve already had some coffee, so, now with a viciously sharp mind, let me get this bit of importance out of the way.

Tonight it’s that time when most of us will have to adjust our clocks. And, here is what I came up with during one of my walks, the perfect solution – in two parts.

First this for you ‘empty nesters’: you do NOTHING. That way, on Sunday morning when you see the world running around like ants on steroids trying to catch up to what they lost in time, you can just lay back and let life pass you by. Perfection!

Second, for those with school age children: You set your clocks forward two (yes I said two) hours. That way the morning frenzy will be like a cruise on some lazy river. Breakfast, a time of ease and joy. Getting the little ‘urchins’ dressed, a process accomplished with smiles and laughter. From the get-go you’re ahead of the curve and from that moment on it’ll only get better.

See what’s just been done. You’ve taken a bit of social nonsense and you’ve turned it into something wonderful. Who remembers exactly why we mess with clocks twice a year anyway? And who is really absolutely certain if it’s ‘forward’ or ‘back’?

”Daylight Savings Time: only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket” ~ Anonymous

The bottom line is – figure out what you want to do with your clocks, then do it.

The Knitter – well, well, well, Marcia has been accusing me that my new (birthday gift) Fitbit tracking device has begun to take over my life. Hah! And she should talk!

It all started with me ‘crowing’ over the fact that I received my Fitbit “Penguin March Badge” (this as tribute to 70 miles walked – which matches the distance of the March of the Penguins—the annual trip emperor penguins make to their breeding grounds). You’d probably crow too.

Of course, there is no mention made of the 70-miles of yarn Marcia has maneuvered into one garment or another.

I’ll take votes. Which would you prefer, a Penguin e-card or a sweater?

badge_lifetime_miles70          IMG_20170310_143722653_TOP

The Music Scene – It really isn’t so much that we do things in bunches. IMG_20170219_152748327_TOP It might seem that way, but, believe me, it’s just happenstance.

A short while back good friends Pat and Dave invited us to join them and catch a Bluegrass group on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon at St. Paul Methodist church in Madeira.

The timing was perfect and I think I finished up Dave’s ‘invite’ phone call from inside the car heading for St. Paul’s church – with Marcia asking; “where are we going”?

Last weekend Marcia spotted a neighborhood offer for tickets at the Ludlow Garage (see last week’s post for a description of the place).

It’s strange just how often heading out to catch an act, just how good these folk really are. Last weekend we hit a home run. The songwriter singer from Canada, Royal Wood, was great. Additionally he was oh-so-good at the in-between songs banter which gave understanding to his lyrics.

Then there was Diana Chittester. As I read in a write up: “If you don’t believe an acoustic solo performance can fill a room with raw power, elegance and intelligence concurrently, you haven’t experienced Diana.” This short clip will give you a hint:

Diana finished the evening paying homage to the iconic master songwriter Leonard Cohen who passed last year by singing his work; Hallelujah. She unplugged her guitar and shut off her microphone. Then slowly began to walk through her audience troubadour style singing that wonderful song.

Since we began the evening with dinner out and Marcia IMG_20170304_182022436  starting off with her favorite; Italian Wedding Soup, the whole night was as a comic used to say; “most excellent.”

Finis – Shortly it’ll be off to the new Clifton Co-Op. For many years that little area had an IGA store as its main food-shopping place. It closed. After much red-tape and a lot of community organizing (including neighbors buying in shares) the place opened. It is stunning. Since Marcia is off to her “Diva Dinner” tomorrow evening we’re out to get some specialty salads for her ccontribution.

I am going along to try and grab some extra since I’ll be fending for myself while she’s out.

About forty years ago Marcia’s mother gave me a wonderful, hand made gift; a Canadian style wool-blend Lumberjack Shirt. Over the years it’s remained my favorite . On any cool evening or winter morning there is nothing better. Plus it’s such a personal remembrance of a wonderful and loving lady.

But, the years do take a toll, a button lost here and there, the lining tattering, and a seam or two slipped. Since I too am piling on the years, and I am also losing a ‘button’ here and there it crossed my mind as I scheduled my own physical, that the shirt too could use the same.

Cathy knew someone who does great alterations. So yesterday my shirt was off to the alterations ‘hospital’. I really hope that we’ll both be sharing many more comforting days and evenings together.

Make it a great week everyone.



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