Well, well, what started out wishing you a great Saturday morning has turned into a Sunday morning – and a great one of those to you. And yes, I had coffee yesterday morning and as well this morning.

I slept in yesterday and then had too much on my platter. When I finally got organized I received an internet ‘block’ notice stating that I had to call this 877 number, pay a little something, to then reactivate things. Instead I yanked the battery and pulled the power plug. Opened up in Safe Start mode, ran CCleaner, then opened a previous version (yesterday same time) and restarted; so far so good.

With all of this I am realizing more and more that we are going to the dogs. By chance that is also this week’s theme.

” Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can’t eat or play with it, just pee on it and walk away” ~ via Goldenstars.cc

If Dogs Run Free – You’ve got to admit that it’s huge fun when something drops into your lap (or at your feet for that matter).Well, that’s exactly what happened last Saturday evening.

We had dinner at friends and drove with another couple, Duane and Anne. Anne heads up our Library system’s fund raising entity. And, as it so happened, another mutual friend had donated a few boxes of books.

Fast forward to our arrival; and Duane’s opening the tailgate to grab his six-pack. Books had shifted and several fell onto the pavement and at my feet. See where this is heading?

There at my feet, there falling right next to my new pair of Born handcrafted shoes lay a book. One or two seconds later I asked Anne what the Library would want for the book laying at the very top of the pile.

Short story even shorter, I purchased a first edition copy of a Children’s Book. A known artist had created a great picture book using the words of Bob Dylan’s 1970 song; If Dogs Run Free.

As I said, sometimes something lovely just drops at your feet – just always keep your eyes open!


360° – is a view of our city, only it’s in an 800 square foot space in a building across from Findlay Market. It’s an art project envisioned by local artist Mike McGing.

Walls were painted white and then, on every surface, floor – walls – stairs, from an 1,000-foot height perspective, streets were drawn in, as were buildings, trees, and place names. And then the real fun began.

People can come and color anything they want from racks filled with Magic Markers. Color a building, fine. Color a tree, great. Place your name, wonderful. Spot a hop-scotch game in a parking lot, can’t get any better.

Finally in mid-May, everything gets peeled and scraped off. The next day it’s like nothing had ever happened in the old building – like a sand-castle on a beach as high tide rolls in.

Marcia and I were amongst the first to take a look and our eye balls were a poppin’.

IMG_20170408_110454342          IMG_20170408_110819627          IMG_20170408_110441605          IMG_20170408_110902714


Windows – Marcia has stated; “cleaning windows is like putting on new underwear, you’re the only one who knows it”. Our Condo has 22 windows and in a building built around 1927 we were pretty certain that none of the 22 had ever been cleaned.

This week that all changed, with a ‘twist’ in our favor. It’ll take a little math – bear with me.

The company we used was great, both by sending their professional quotation master, their window cleaner, and standing by their word. All wonderful.

The twist is as follows. The quote had the configuration: 4-double-hung windows with storms and 18-single pane. In actuality it was the reverse, 18-double hung windows with storms and 4 single pane.

Here’s the math part; the quote had the guy clean 2-sides of 18 windows and 2-sides of 4 windows with storms = 104 panes total.

In actuality, and it took the whole work day to complete, he ended disassembling 18 windows and putting them all back together = 160 windows panes in all.

Marcia is happy with how it all looks. I am thrilled since they stuck with their original quotation.

Our neighbors are impressed.

Finis – Finally the finishing ‘bits’ of our building’s balcony rebuild is at hand. It took way too many interviews and ‘start-and-fits’ to move this project forward. At last we did find the right person to get the job done. Since he needed two good-weather days to complete it all he’s working this weekend. This is what we’re currently looking at.


And, now back to the sunroom and watching the ‘nutcases’ across the way, or as we like to explain; watching our very own private Improv Theater. I know that they’re cat people, but it’s our thinking that the whole group is going to the dogs.

Make it a great week everyone.



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