Another quiet evening last night. I watched YouTube and Jay Leno’s Garage. Marcia was busily taking notes watching the very strange folk who happen to reside across the street. I’d say “live” but in their case ‘reside’ is better. Without getting nasty, let’s just keep it at ‘strange’, very strange.

With that, happy Saturday morning to you. It’s early and since it’s going to be an active day today, I’m already contemplating a mid-day nap. So, I best watch my coffee intake.

Mid-March till very early April we had spring, then another week of winter. Now it’s summer, complete with the humidity. All of this also means that we’re prepping for travel. What I am really telling you is that there will NOT be a post next weekend.

” Airline travel is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror.” ~ Al Boliska

Travel – watching the clip of a senior citizen being escorted from his airplane seat, flat on his back, mouth bleeding and dragged feet first scared the bejeebers out of me. Next weekend’s travel will find us driving!

We’ll be off to spend an oversized weekend in Nashville. Per happenstance we’ll also catch up with Pieter who’ll be there thinking he’s back in the workforce. All of us are certain that we’ll have a great time. Every day we’re scouring around the internet trying to find the perfect Honky-tonk, or Bluegrass dive – and we will succeed!

Costco – has come to our Condo. Moving from one end of the place to the other now requires that a circuitous ‘S’ trail be taken as bins, boxes, and various bags block the way. We’re getting ready for our next travel after Nashville; that’s when we’re off to Northern Comfort and our summer haunt.

Since we’re heading into Canada shortly after the calendar page turns to May, on that travel we’ll apply George Carlin’s axiom; “Kilometers are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers.”

This year we’ll be spending a night at the Driftwood Inn in St. Ignace, Michigan. Aside from that allowing us to get to the cabin somewhat rested and much more capable of getting the place habitable in short order, there is one additional item. I bit into that wild and wonderful bureaucratic world of cross-border travel by applying for a NEXUS card. The final step is being interviewed, and that will happen at the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge checkpoint.

What is a NEXUS card you ask? It’s great. For just $50.00 I will be allowed to cross using the NEXUS lane where I can scan the card. Then I’ll proceed to the kiosk where the Border Patrol Agent will ask me all the same questions I have answered time and again, year after year. Then, having answered correctly, I’ll be allowed to proceed. Only now I’ll feel better since I’ll know that a successful crossing is now due to my new, awesome, NEXUS card.

Do you get the idea that I really don’t have a clue what having that card really does? You’re correct!

Food Truck Competition – is an annual favorite fundraiser at the grandkid’s elementary school; North Avondale Montessori. Today is this year’s competition. It’s become one of our favorites too.

I am always amazed as to how good the food is that comes out of those tiny spaces. The variety too is amazing. What the school does is have indoor and outdoor games, a DJ jamming away, and then the trucks; oh those trucks.

So, aside from the hundreds of kids racing around like banshees, is the competition. We buy food and we vote for our favorite. Last year mine was the Greek Gyro sandwich. The year prior it was a pulled pork plate. This year? Who knows, I’m just ready to enjoy and taste. I’m ready to watch the kids have a blast.


Finis – Later I’ll take the laptop to UBREAKIFIX for a new cable to the screen. It was on backorder, is now in, and after a two-hour replacement procedure I’ll be able to once again view everything on screen in glorious living color rather than in orange and green.

Mid-week we went to the visitation of our former neighbor, Bill Stevens. You’d be hard pressed to find a more outgoing and friendly person; RIP Bill.

Make it a great week everyone, and a very Happy Easter



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