Happy Saturday morning. Here I am, well settled in at Northern Comfort, coffee at the ready, and little worry that this Post might run into some sort of an issue. It wasn’t many years ago that Google and its bloggerlogger division would regularly present some random hiccup (issue) which would set the blogger back mere minutes or many hours. Here, randomly selected is an answer Google handed to a weary blogger – Thursday, August 18, 2011

”We have received reports from users not being able to create or edit posts. We are working on fixing this. In the meantime, you can change your language settings to English as a workaround. Thanks for your patience.” ~ Posted by Sabine Borsay

Oh, I remember many such moments. Now, having used WordPress for a number of years, life in the blogging world has become ‘easy street’.

Boat Bailing – has become the norm. It’s been a busy time here at Northern Comfort. For the first time since we’ve owned the place everything was as expected. The cabin, now solidly in place on the new foundation had not shifted a millimeter. Doors opened and closed as expected. Windows opened and closed. The screening on our porch; all intact.

With all in order, we got busy setting the place up. Installed were our two new DeckMate tables. IMG_20170519_193151225  With these we can sit around for lunch or cocktails or even for doing projects on a nice day.

I installed a new, high efficiency, toilet; gone is the old ‘swirler’ (I still don’t understand how toilets can be so different when they’re all made of 60 or so pounds of ceramic). And so it went, item after item.

IMG_20170515_173511013 Finally it was time to get the boats into water. I picked a beautiful day for the first of these projects – our little aluminum Sea Nymph fishing boat. All went smoothly. It was launched and the old vintage Johnson QD-16 engine (1955) fired right up on the third pull. These old 10hp engines actually seem more powerful than the new stuff.

So, one loop around and it was docked. Since then I’ve had to bail it twice over. It appears that the weather Queen was watching me and the moment the boat hit water unleashed the rains and dropped the temperature. Night before last it went down to freezing.


Pontoon – With the weather downturn I’ve held off launching the Pontoon. Then there was another issue. Last fall, as done for the past 8 years, I built the winter cover; all to shield the interior from the winter storms and snows.
This spring all looked normal. However the many feet of snow and spring rains do have to go someplace. This year, instead of running off it formed a massively bulging water balloon; a balloon the size of a small dining table. More bailing!

Assuming that the weather complies I’ll work to launch it in the near future.


Hydro-1 – is our local electric company. They have to use equipment not usually seen elsewhere to maintain the power supply flowing through the more remote parts.

Upon our arrival when taking my daily walk I noticed this machine sitting by the highway. Yesterday it was still there. I don’t know why a piece of equipment such as this just sits unused. Then it came to me, it’s a great advertising billboard. You go Hydro-1 — I can see why the rates keep increasing.


The Dream Lodge – This weekend (the Victoria long weekend) brought neighbors Barb and Bulent up north. The wind was such that there was to be no campfire (also dry wood was at a premium). So, for the first time this year Bulent opened his Dream Lodge.

He built the place a couple of years ago as a place to bring his students for collaborative times. A single room, sparsely furnished, it really is a place to enjoy company and to relax. Bob-the-Forester and Noreen were invited. Some vintage Dylan played in the background. It was a lovely evening.


Finis – Marcia has tomatoes, Beans, Kale, and some other veggies in the ground. Much of it covered by her portable little greenhouses to make sure that the frost doesn’t damage.

She bought a hanging Weeping Bamboo and it looks great. It also spent a night indoors as surety against frost damage. IMG_20170517_183115712

And for those who must satisfy their curiosity, yes, the Black Flies have arrived. Bad, but not horrific. However, in nearby Wharncliffe they claim its horrible.

Then, on the 14th I spotted our first Hummingbird; we get Ruby Throated ones in these parts. Now that the feeder is hanging we’ve had a lot of activity. Marcia even spotted a Baltimore Oriole coming around to checkout if there was any spare nectar.

The Tree Swallows are super busy building their nest in the little house we’ve provided them – rent free.

Make it a great week everyone.



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