On this, Mother’s day Weekend, I’m wishing everyone a happy Saturday morning. Coffee is on and the winds and cold that began our first full week at Northern Comfort seems to finally have eased.

”Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws” ~ Barbara Kingsolver

Wishing a wonderful and special day to all moms, and especially to all the ladies in my family.

I think especially of the strength my mother (our Omi) displayed day in and out, having immigrated to a strange land with differing ways, loss of family and friends, and a difficult new language. Then losing our dad when way too young – thus raising three teenage louts and an eleven year old as a solo parent. You did a great job mom! Much love continuing even as I slide into my own senior status!

By mid-summer – the whole cabin opening business all seems so mundane, simple, and a happy event. And it was. But, peel away that bit of the Leave it to Beaveresque thought and what really goes on comes front and center.

Cleaning the place took Marcia days. Unpacking and making the place look like we actually live here took me days. None of that reveals that twice over a waterline burst and gallons poured out before we managed to regain control of the ‘ship’ (oh, and yes, it also took another trip to the hardware store in town).

But last evening all that was behind us. Marcia fixed a stunning meal which we ate outside on our screened-in porch – complete with a glass of wine. We watched cloud reflections on the lake. We listened to a Loon calling out, and a Raven’s raspy sound as it flew over. We watched the Tree Swallows finish up their day’s effort at nest building. We talked about my trip to Andy my Amish friend’s farm. We were happy.

Now that I’ve lulled you into a swoon maybe I should point out that yesterday, May 12th, the flies (the genuine bane of the North) came out with full force and fury.

IMG_20170512_094930179          IMG_20170506_092946067

Spring cometh – The woods next to us haven’t ‘greened’ yet. It makes the area look totally different since normally we can barely see a few feet into them.
Nevertheless, in its own way, it’s GLORIOUS.


Winter takes a toll – Some of you might think that up here we leave all of civilization behind, wrong; maybe we’re near the edge, but not off.

Why, as our roadside mailbox attests, we’re still on civilization’s path. But, with several winters under its belt and a lack of actual mail I realized that I now have to use my trusty ‘Johnny’ bar to break into the thing.



Andy the Amish Farmer – and I visited Friday afternoon. He proudly shared that he had a ‘new’ manure spreader. The old one had broken down in the field. He managed to get it moving, finished spreading the load, and got it in the barn. Six days later it emerged, working perfectly but still the old machine. Then some new boards arrived and with family fresh paint applied. It really had become a new machine.

I said; “Andy, I bet it still has that new spreader smell”. We both had a good laugh.


Finis – Last evening at exactly 9:00pm Marcia and I were treated to a view for the memory books – sunset


Next I think we’ll think hard and long and then most likely head for something labeled as “Barter in Bruce Mines” which is really a “Junk in the Trunk” sale in the town of Bruce Mines. If it’s anything I’ll report next week.

Make it a great week everyone.



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