And a Happy Saturday morning from the North Woods where I’m already parked with my robertson close by (‘robertson’ is the Canadian square-hole screw and screwdriver and the only type found in these parts). The robertson will be used to place the final boards covering the metal mesh along the back of Northern Comfort. Is it now mouse proof? Time will tell.

Sunrise is super bright this morning and I might just take a break to watch it for a bit while sipping my morning coffee.

”The names of our hot cup sizes have shifted to accommodate our brand new 24oz Extra Large cup. For example, a large Double-Double is now a medium Double-Double. There isn’t a change in the price or actual amount of beverage – it’s only the name of the size that’s changed.” ~ Tim Hortons Guest Services



Tim Hortons – the coffee shop, has probably more “buzz” with Canadians than Starbucks has in the USA. It’s virtually impossible to set foot in the place without finding yourself in a line waiting to get to the counter. And, at practically every gathering someone will come out with their favorite Tim Hortons’ story.

This week The Professor and I drove the 45-minutes to the little town of Blind River, did our business, and swung by a Timmy’s. I had strict orders!

Marcia made certain that before we left she embedded the fact that I was to bring home a little box of Timbits. Oh sorry, I forgot, Timbits is the other item found at Tim Hortons which drives Canadians to madness. Timbits are their offering of donut holes

I remembered.


Finding Gold – This is the day of and the age of Amazon and overnight delivery. However, need some repair service of any kind and it’s off to some impersonal entity, shuffle around a bit waiting for a clerk. Whatever service is required will have same clerk hunt it up in a huge ‘mystery’ catalog and most likely quote a price for merely the privilege of looking at what’s required. That’s what we’ve gotten used to.

There was a different time; a time where actual conversation took place. Initially about the weather, then more personal stuff on a variety of subjects, possibly fishing. Then, finally, the real subject of the visit; this would be accompanied by some more banter about the genuine value of whatever requires service. Finally a nod that the item could be left. Assurance that over a day or two some assessment would be made; no hurry, no pressure, no urgency whatsoever.

Here is the magic in all of this. These folk tend to be magical in their understanding and knowledge of what they are about. Over the years, here in the North Woods I’ve come to fine and appreciate a number of such folk.

This week it was a visit with Chris. Chris who loves and is as knowledgeable as anyone I know about vintage marine engines. The Professor had an older Outboard engine that wouldn’t start. I convinced him to take it to Chris and joined him in the adventure. Next day Chris called, said that it was a small matter, that the engine ran fine, and there’d be no charge. In fact he’d already pressed another customer who is from our area and happened to stop by his shop to take the engine with him for true “door-to-door” delivery service.

These folk are ‘gold’ and the last of a breed. We’ll all lose when these folk eventually close their door one final time. Personally, I hope that they’ve lost the key and can’t close it permanently.


Animal Planet – We watched a large Bald Eagle land on a log across from us in the cove. It sat there for close to ten minutes. The whole time I tried to get that one award winning National Geographic photo but failed miserably.

During a camp fire we all sat and watched a large Beaver swim by; it didn’t stop to say “hi”. Marcia discovered a bird’s nest on top of the electric meter and the back of the cabin. I’ve tried, but haven’t figured out what’s built it – tend to think it’s a Robin.

What we did see was a spectacular sunset on Thursday evening. The photo is NOT photoshopped!


Finis – Soon it’s saying goodbye to our neighbors, The Professors; they’ll return the 20th next month. Then off for shopping and errands, including a swing by Allan’s shop – another one of those charming and knowledgeable folk I just described — more ‘gold’.

Tomorrow I plan to attend the annual meeting of the Association for a nearby lake. Some issues I want to listen in on and items to discuss. Now, one more coffee, say my goodbyes, and get ready for my morning walk with Marlene. All this plus a run to the area garbage dump. Last time Paul went he came face-to-face with a large Black Bear; maybe I’ll get lucky.


Make it a great week everyone.



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