This, our final full day at Northern Comfort sees our cove filled with a thick fog. The fog is not a surprise since its thirty-seven degrees and the lake is busily at work releasing its heat. I guess it’s telling us that now is the time to head home. Reminder to self; “don’t get so absorbed writing that the freshly perked and steaming mug of coffee chills down”. Don’t worry I won’t.

If you’re expecting me to write on the insolent displays to fans by the NFL, you’re absolutely wrong – I’ve made up my mind how I’m handling that noise.

”He’s a cat of many countries, He’s a cat of many hats.
Many foreign countries and an awful lot of hats.
In Boogoo-boogoo, he’s just darling, He’s a scoogoo in a swarling.
He’s a bonka in a best, He’s a wonka in a west.
Out in Paris, Foda-foda, I’m a perk in a pedora,
I’m a futz in a fedora, How are things in Glocamora?
What a cat! (What a cat!)
In a hat! (In a hat!)”
~ Dr. Seuss (The Cat in the Hat Songbook (1969) lyrics)

Quoting a bit from Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, I did, for so you see how a Librarian came to be, returning this children’s classic to the giver not to be.

Translation: our current FLOTUS sent a set of the Seuss books to a school library in Connecticut which were promptly returned with a note mentioning among other things that these books were racially charged. Beyond belief!

Dave & Jeanne – popped north for a few days and stayed in Marlene & Donn’s ‘Little Red Cabin’. So, in place of a dreary week of cleaning and packing we made it into a bit of a fine time; dinner out and a final Happy Hour on our porch.

We had a family style dinner at the nearby Outpost Lodge. And it didn’t take much for our host, Jimmy, to bring out some of his amazing collectibles. He had a pristine, circa 1910, one room schoolhouse working desk – the equivalent of a computer tablet for its day. It was truly wonderful.


Another find was a set of tiny characters representing a Chinese Wedding Party. All handmade and painted each was a small work of art. Made prior when Beijing was still known a Peking.


Anniversary – so, as Marcia and I are quickly racing towards the 50-year mark what else can I say other than we’re aging beautifully? Love you Marcia.


Finis – Aside from the Fall Color there was another reason for our stay till this weekend; last evening! Last evening we gathered at a nearby cabin for a house ‘Cabin’ concert put on by a group from Michigan’s Harbor Springs; Peacemeal String Band. And it was worth every minute – great Irish and American Folk music, great neighbors and friends, and the best pies for miles around. It was beyond wonderful!

So, goodbye from this, the beautiful Laurentian Highlands and Mississaugi River Valley on Ontario’s Cambrian Shield. Northern Comfort is closed for the season.

Next Saturday I’ll post from the corner of Chaos and Mayhem in the ‘Nati. Assuming we make it back (we just got word that our preferred route, Highway 23 between Flint and Maumee, is a construction mess). We’ll see.

Make it a great week everyone.



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