Here’s to beautiful Sunday morning in the North Woods. This past week is like we’ve seldom had this, what I laughingly call, ‘summer’. It’s been beautiful in the north. This even though the news casually reported that due to Hurricane Irma Naples, FL won’t have power restored till next Friday – sorry George and Sandy.

There are days when;”I can’t get out of bed. My blankets have accepted me as one of their own and if I leave now I might lose their trust.” ~ Anonymous

Yesterday morning was one of those days. Then, when I finally got started on my Post it became clear that the Internet was dying at the nearby tower. I know I’ve railed against the local power company – Hydro-One, so I won’t do this to our local phone and Internet provider – Ontario Bell. But I could.

I soothed myself with an excellent mug of Java, McCafe no less, and got ready for the day’s activities; hence no post.

For Donn, Marlene, Marcia and I it was a trip to the little town of Desberats and their fresh, locally grown, vegetables, many of them from the local Amish. I didn’t realize that this prepared me for the afternoon and evening’s, 32nd annual, Farm Aid concert. On our satellite radio I listening to the show till it ended at 11:30 with a rousing set by Willy Nelson – at 80+ he still picks and belts it out. Good stuff.


Aside from that we made a couple of stops at the annual Fall Sylvan Arts Tour and took in a nearby Auction. Marcia wanted an item as did another person; the same item. When she (Marcia) was finally outbid a look of relief crept all over her face. Have you ever had that moment when you keep ‘nodding’ at the Auctioneer and your mind goes; “oh crap what am I doing?” She had reached that state, and rest assured, it isn’t a state of nirvana.


Throughout we gloried in the Fall Colors. Trees have changed, not quite at their peak yet, but nearly there.

Heavy Work Done – Based on our ‘summer’ experience of rains and wind we decided to take advantage of the great weather to get the big stuff done before we button-up Northern Comfort for the season. The boats have all been parked on dry land and prepped for the coming rains and snows. All the shutters have been pulled from storage and replaced by the dock sections – dry and flat. Using the power winch that I had installed on the ATV early this summer the dock was lifted and locked in place in a few minutes. I was thrilled.

IMG_20170911_165149967        IMG_20170912_184745436



Even ‘Our Duck’, the little Citroën Deux Chevaux, has been spiffed up and made ready for its winter hiatus.

Our Duck 2017

Animal Planet – We hadn’t seen any Goldfinch and Hummingbirds and assumed that they had migrated south. This week they showed up again and for a day or two kept flying in and circling where the feeders had been. I guess they do have a memory.

About a week ago a full grown Black Bear popped out of the woods a little ways beyond our property. Our neighbor spotted it walking into the water and alerted us. We watched the animal swim the several hundred yard wide cove to the other side where it climbed out and disappeared into the forest. We all agreed that an Olympic swimmer would have trouble keeping up with that Bear.

Finis – Vai’s soccer season came to an abrupt end Vai with Broken wrist when she broke her wrist during practice.

Also, a belated Happy 11th Anniversary to Adrianne and Tevita.

We watched a new video of Derek’s High School Marching Band and were delighted. At well over a hundred strong they make for an impressive showing. You’d think that playing a big Sousaphone and at 6’3” he’d be easy to spot, but no, I struggle. I’ll get my eyes checked when I get home. If interested, here’s the link to the performance.

Make it a great week everyone.



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