This Saturday morning it’s calm before the storm – in a couple of ways. First it’s the weather. In the sixties this morning, then an afternoon of stormy rain followed by a dramatic temperature drop overnight. Second, it’s the start of a busy week with travel to Kirstin, Derek, and Kellen in Austin – along with about 100 other folk. See, next Saturday we’ll celebrate Vince’s life at their house (more on that later)

”I use the smoke alarm as a timer.” ~ Etsy


Brewpourium – Taft’s Ale House – A day or so ago Marcia suggested that we try a new craft brewery that had recently opened very near our home – highly recommended by Adrianne and an outgrowth of their other location in downtown.

It was on our ‘to-go-to’ list. Then, about 5 pm, I heard strange noises coming from the oven. Marcia opened the oven door just as the flames kicked in. You need not be a rocket scientist to figure out where we had dinner.

A large handful of salt killed the flames; we think that the small turkey pan was a ‘turkey’ and had a small leak. In the meantime we completed the ‘drill’ we tested successfully just a week ago; furnace off, kitchen door to the dining area shut, stove fan on high, and our little 6-inch fan pushing the smoke out of the propped-open kitchen outside door. And, again, we were saved from all the ruckus had the alarm gone off and then watch as fire crews race in with at least three trucks.

IMG_20171117_175729817   IMG_20171117_175113467

NANA – (North Avondale Neighborhood Association) held their monthly meeting earlier this week. I tend to go and stay in touch with folk and happenings. With the elections over all the politicos are do with their ‘face-time’ and have thus disappeared.

Hence, they brought in the Executive Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens and neighbor, Thane Maynard. The Zoo, the second oldest in the nation is rated as being amongst the very best.

Anyway, details were shared regarding Fiona, our preemie Hippo who is now 10-months old and weighs in at 570 pounds. Actually, I was blown away by all they went through to ensure her survival. Additionally, Thane brought a couple of animals (Zoo people tend to do that). Enjoy the pictures.

IMG_20171114_194511925   IMG_20171114_195321876

Celebration of Vince’s life  – As per Vince’s wishes we’ll have a gathering next Saturday – a backyard party and since it’s in Austin, complete with live music and lots of Texas barbecue.

Kirstin is expecting a hundred plus people to attend, including Vince’s family, our family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends from the Austin running/biking community.

What Kirstin has planned is for people to write in two journals, one for Kellen and one for Derek sharing remembrances and highlights of their dad – I think this to be a lovely idea.

Marcia and I will be flying down on Tuesday. Wednesday will be the interment of his ashes.

Finis – Tevita (Adrianne too) are immersed in rugby as Tevita’s small homeland, Tonga, is in the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup. They absolutely do love their national game.


I just found out that Donn stole away to take a quick peek up north to see how their summer abode, the Schiecabin, is surviving its winter hibernation. Bears do fine so I don’t see why a cabin wouldn’t. Be safe guy.


Have a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Make it a great week.



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