A cheerful Saturday morning to everyone. Not due to anyone’s fault mind you, but it was almost 1:30 am before I bent over to undo my shoe laces and began to seriously contemplate crawling into the sack. So, apologies about the late start.

The quote has little to do with what I’m writing about, but it certainly is heartfelt especially since it has actually caused me to talk to the television:

Only two nations, New Zealand and the U.S.permit prescription drug advertising on TV. The libertarian in me says fine, but Gawd I’m sick of them.” ~ Neal Boortz

DNA – I have always considered our extended families as being part of a large group belonging to the musical wasteland. But that is not so.

On my father’s side it certainly seems to be so. On my mother’s side, her dad, a career military man in The Netherlands, actually led the primary military marching band of his time. And my mom was quite good on the piano.

On Marcia’s side I do know that her dad played instruments including drums. Her sisters are so inclined and Marcia too has set forth into that magical world of deciphering musical scores—actually reading the stuff. Then, growing up it was Kirstin especially who worked on her voice and some on her little Uke.

I guess, it’s me (and my brothers) who are the ones stuck in that ‘wasteland’.

But, DNA is miraculous.

Enter Derek and Kellen. Since it didn’t come from their dad, an engineer, it was from mom Kirstin from whom all this energy was passed along.

I am thrilled. Thank you DNA.

IMG_0604  Derek & Tuba 1

Acetone – Marcia and I stink! This was the week that our bathtub was reglazed. And, this morning the curing period will be complete and after a bit of re-assembly all should be good. ‘Good’ as soon as I finish this epistle that all should be ‘hunky-dory’.

Luckily we had the foresight to ‘bag’ our hard-wired alarm and thereby prevented a call to the fire department to watch three fire-trucks roaring up the street. For, it never dawned on my how toxic a process this was. There is not a nail salon in the city, or even all nail salons combined in the city, that could have pushed more acetate fumes into our little breathable space – eye watering.

It was not until our worker guy, wearing a Hazmat style dual-breather respirator, respirator went outside and while standing in the street and started working at the back of his van. When we saw him begin to mix his secret sauce out in the open is when I got somewhat concerned.

The job appears to have been done beautifully. It’s the guy performing the work that I worry about. My instinct tells me that he’s good for maybe a dozen or so reglazings before he finds himself permanently parked in front of a television set drooling out of the corner of his mouth while watching prescription drugs ads.


Finis – It was a bit of an emphasis on repair tasks this week. The truck had a busted blower fan resistor which meant that heat could only be pumped into the vehicle on high speed. Luckily, and thanks to YouTube, it was a simple fix.

Later today it’ll be (Marcia says “finally”) a rewiring the three-way main kitchen light switch. One of those things you forget about for long periods, and then when it again surfaces it’s a “got-do-it-now moment. Also, with Tevita in town I can use his continuity tester – thanks for the offer Tevita.

Finally, it was Kirstin who called stating that her furnace wasn’t working. Step by step we tried to plod through the simple steps zeroing on the gas-line which had the valve in the shut position. These things tend to be difficult to move and so she called the company that last summer worked on the system. Sure enough, it was the valve and in minutes (no cost to her) she had heat.

Heat in Austin became important since they just experienced a school-closing snowfall. This included Kellen gleefully building Austin’s first real snowman.

Kellen & snowman

 Make it a great week.



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