A cheerful Saturday morning to everyone. Valiantly our local weather-interpreters have drawn little arrows and colored circles on our screens all in an effort to stave off winter’s sting. Now, finally, they’ve lost the battle and winter cold has won out. So here I sit, loath to take my fingers off of my warm coffee mug just to tap some icy-cold keyboard.

”The twelve months…
Snowy, Flowy, Blowy,
Showery, Flowery, Bowery,
Hoppy, Croppy, Droppy,
Breeze, Sneezy, Freezy.”
~ George Ellis

Cold – Therefore, my decision is that this winter I will not take a step outside until the temperature has risen above my age.

Well, well, here it is December 16 and I am about ready to break the first of what should be a New Year’s Resolution – this week we’re heading out for Michigan.

Having said all of that; we’re excited!

Now I hope that the kids don’t bombard us with cute little text messages ‘bullet’ pointing some list under a heading of; 17 Things to do before Heading Out. That would include that annual favorite; your ’Winter Travel Kit’ (listen, my old Snow Suit has been in the vehicle since I was 14 and has never been used).

Rules – Has it dawned on anyone that the Washington bureaucracy has it in for us ‘geezers’?

Right about the time that we, occasionally, have a wee bit of mental “slip-ah-ge” they load some additional bit of ‘must-do’ on us. I barely noticed but realized at the last minute that I absolutely have no later than December 30th to take some monies out of my 401K funds or I get kicked in the shins – seriously kicked, yes I am serious! 420_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdlL3VwbG9hZHMvdmlldy8xN2NlMjg0OGQ1N2UxZjI0M2YxNTllYzNlYTQ1NjBkZS5qcGc=

And, it’s not that I can withdraw, say, a single two-dollar bill. Oh no. That would be way too simple. No, it has to be a withdrawal that follows some archaic percentage based formula. And here I thought I was done dealing with percentages when I left Junior High.

Actually, just last evening I read that in 1960, there were 20,000 pages of federal regulations; today, there are 185,000. My casual read says; PEOPLE, IT’S TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!

Finis – I am not certain whether or not I post next Saturday. It’ll be a short trip to Michigan to enjoy a Christmas dinner with Marcia’s side of the family (we’re really looking forward to it). Then, Christmas day, Kirstin, Derek, and Kellen will be with us for the week. Busy, busy, love it, love it!

And so, from Marcia and I, have a very Happy and Merry Christmas, and also a Happy Hanukkah.

This year there seems to be a tiny bit of confusion with the new release of the Star Wars movie at the same time as Christmas. On my walk I took note of how some person who, being wiser than me, managed the situation. Wonderfully done Sir!


Make it a great week.



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