It’s Saturday morning (early) and it’ll be a busy one. Later this morning it’ll be a Visitation with one of our former neighbors who passed suddenly. Then this evening it’ll be one of my favorite evenings which always is THE perfect event to get through the dark cold-heart of winter; our neighborhood Progressive Dinner party. The ‘progression’ will tap into 3 different homes for appetizers, soups/chilis, and desserts and will find about 60 people wandering through the streets. Love it!

Now it’s time for me to pour some morning coffee; just sayin’. That last bit came from Marcia and I having a discussion last evening about verbal crutches. I have several, but our favorite this week is; just sayin’.

” Walk Away from Negative People. They Have a Problem for Every Solution” ~ Annonymous

Books (part deux) – No, this won’t be a Book Report, and yes, I do realize that last week there was also a ‘book’ heading. Sorry.

But, every few years I’ve picked up a book written in Dutch and by a Dutch author. What I’ve discovered is that I start off quite rusty and after five to ten pages the ‘flow’ of the language comes back and the joy of reading Dutch comes back.

My current book is ‘heavier’ than previous ones in that it’s written by a leading Dutch Psychologist and University Professor, Dr. Douwe Draaisma. However, tell me if the title doesn’t scream’, must read; ‘Waarom het leven sneller gaat als je ouder wordt, de geheimen van het geheugen’ (Why life moves faster as you age; the secrets of memories).

So, the early portion deals with memories and he quotes a line from the author of the previous Dutch book I happened to have read three or so years ago, Cees Noteboom; ‘Rituelen’ (Rituals). The line translated into English goes, a memory is like; “a dog which lies down wherever it wants”. I thought it a great ‘visual’ worth sharing; we have little control what memories we keep and when or if they’ll pop back into focus.

Sorry, it’s a little early in the day to prod you so.

Draaisma, book

Classical Roots – We scored! In The ‘Nati we are fortunate to have both a world-class symphony orchestra and a world-class facility to enjoy their playing. Every year the Pops Orchestra holds an event called The May Festival Chorus which we miss due to our summer move north.

One part of the May Festival is an annual Classical Roots event. The other evening we watched the 2014 Roots on our local PBS station and were absolutely swept away. A little Googling and lo and behold, Roots 2018 is April 20th. Tickets were purchased, got great seats, and we’re going to the 2018 Classical Roots evening. Late April expect a full report.

To let you see just how special this event is I’ve loaded two YouTube pieces. The first is James Brown’s iconic “I Got You (I Feel Good)” which he recorded at King Studios (located about 1-mile from our home). To hear this great R&B song done symphonically,complete with 250pipe organ is very special.

The second is “We Shall Overcome”, a song, translated into about every language, which also has local roots in that it was written here. Anyway, the 150-voice mass choir, assembled from a number of local Black churches, is in full voice, is stunning, and as powerfully a moving piece as you’ll hear.

Ease back, turn up the volume, open YouTube to full screen or transfer to the large screen. Then pour a glass of Port or Sherry (Donn, you can pour a glass of Willett) and park a few Bon-Bons nearby. You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!

Finis – What is it with the ‘nanny’-state? Salt I spotted this photo on line. Since we too have a salt grinder containing 250,000,000-year old salt from the Himalayan Mountains I paid attention. Why does our government insist that this 250,000,000-year old salt will expire in 2019?

Luckily my Left eye surgery is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. The reason I mention this is that on Monday President Trump will be visiting a manufacturing facility located a few doors down from the Cincinnati Eye Institute. This means that between the Secret Service, Sheriff Patrols and police, getting in and out of the place will be totally impossible for the better part of Monday.

And since Marcia says I have to cease going on-and-on about my new designer vision, let me give it to you in quick reading; 20/12.5 ~ almost the Holy Grail of sight.

Marlene, here’s a prayer for the success of your procedure.

Thanks for the comment Dave P., we do need to get together – sooner rather than later.

Make it a great week ~ just sayin’.



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