Here you go to a Happy and wet Saturday morning. Seriously wet. The Ohio River has spilled its banks and the flooding is now the worst in twenty years. It’ll be Tuesday before the waters start to recede.

Roebling bridge, river at flood stage

I firmly believe that all coffee drinkers keep on getting older and so I might as well enjoy the journey, which is why I only drink premium coffee.

This is a birthday weekend, Derek was yesterday and mine is today.

”It’s beyond belief, the fact that I was born exactly on my birthday!” ~ anonymous

Not certain whether I’ve begun on a slow downhill slope into my childhood, but let me not keep you guessing. Enjoy these, the very best from grade school years:

More ‘groaners’:
  People with more birthdays are proven to live longer.
•  People who die at 80+ have lived to be least 76.
  3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the population.
  5 out of 3 people have dyslexia.
  That a Dr. by the name of ‘Heimlich’ discovered that there was such a technique as the ‘Heimlich Maneuver’ thereby making it famous.
  Medicine has proven that the rates for teenage pregnancy decreases dramatically at the age of 20

And since I have now lowered the standard for these Ramblings so dramatically let me conclude with this ‘groaner’ selected especially for all of you who are losing sleep over undue concern about excess carbon: Carbon based life forms are often made of stuff.

But finally, I’ve concluded that; getting older is so last year.

Progressive Neighborhood Dinner – happened a couple of Saturdays ago, and was a hoot. In the dark, 40 to 50 of us wandering through the neighborhood pulling rolling coolers; we were probably some sight to behold. Here are a couple of photos; as is said, a picture is worth a thousand words.


IMG_20180203_202246531  IMG_20180203_203154422


The last of the three houses we ate at was for deserts. Someone had made cookies in the shape of houses, street names, and our State’s outline with a heart where North Avondale is. Very, very nice!


A little bit of travel – Brother George called a couple of weeks ago to invite me down to Naples, FL for my birthday. I was delighted! Sooo, mid-week I’ll head south for a week of reconnecting and sunshine. I’ll even sit next to the pool and hold up the lanai if he wants me to.

I did bring up with Marcia her traveling along but was informed that she is done flying. I really think it’s that she’s afraid to take the chance. See, last time we traveled we had to change planes in Charlotte. American Airlines landed us on time but then we were parked in some adjacent cornfield for twenty or so minutes. Net result was that we had to mad-dash on a dead-run from one end of the airport to the other.

When we finally climbed on board (we also had to run across the tarmac and climb a ladder) Marcia laid into the flight crew by proclaiming that; “American’s goal was to kill old people”. So that the matters wouldn’t escalate and get out of control (people were already starting to hold up their iPhones), I pushed (shoved) Marcia down the aisle. Meanwhile I became very Japanese – lots of bowing from the waist, head bobbing, and over-the-top smiling. It was not pretty.

I can see why she would think that she now has a bull’s-eye painted on her back.

Finis – Almost a 100% chance that there will NOT be Ramblings next Saturday. My plan is to not travel with my laptop (can’t take a chance sitting by the pool while holding up a lanai and trying to balance the laptop on my knee).

The Robins and Cardinals have arrived in force. It’s great seeing them nervously flitter about As one Alejandro Jodorowski once wisely said; “Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.”

Yesterday was the first practice game of the 2018 Major League Baseball season. Think about that for a minute – Spring is almost here.

Make it a great week.



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