Well, fingers crossed as I wish you all a great Saturday morning. Nothing special on the “fingers crossed” bit other than the fervent hope that my internet connection stays up. I returned Wednesday afternoon from my travels and immediately climbed on the web to pay some bills. Took till dinnertime to accomplish the task.

Some serious pondering, and then a re-set of everything having anything to do with connectivity. Seems to be working.

”But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.” ~ David Letterman

Naples – The only real reason I went to Naples was to give Marcia a vacation. Well, maybe that was a wee bit of it, but in reality it was my birthday gift from brother George. He and Sandy treated me royally. I did make an overture to Marcia, but she declined since she’s made up her mind to halt any and all air travel.



IMG_20180302_171739821_TOP IMG_20180303_122408945



The picture immediately above was taken as we headed for a dinner/dance with friends and were turned back due to a major fire in the Everglades — it was termed a “controlled burn” (1200 acres worth).

What Marcia missed was fun times, great company, super weather, hours by the pool, and an occasional head-rub for Augie-the-dog. Could it be any better?


Well, maybe it did get a bit better since I was able to bring Dutch (Soused) herring (Maatjesharing) through the TSA checkpoint. Fabulous!


Naples Coffee – Regular readers know of my obsession for a mug or two (ok, maybe three) of coffee as the day kicks in. In Naples it became a completely new thing – George has a ritual which starts with the heating of all utensils and continues with the careful grinding of the beans in his $300.00 coffee grinder! (I did learn that there exists an upgrade to his grinder which spritzes the freshly ground beans with 204°F water to take the residual CO2 out of the beans)

What results is amazing. A whole new experience. Eat your hearts out you poor saps standing in some line at Starbucks. Loved it!

Goes-S – Shortly after my arrival in Naples the latest weather satellite was launched. It was extra interesting since Daniel (my niece’s hubby) was on the satellite’s camera development team. We watched the launch on TV and raced outside managing to see the rocket’s contrail seconds later (launched from about 180 miles away). Fine stuff. Nice going Daniel.
[look dead center immediately above the tree line and you’ll see the contrail]

IMG_20180301_173517894 GOES-S contrail (in center)

Finis – And so begins a new chapter. Our first and very early stocking up for supplies needed at the cabin took place yesterday. Also, the first round of discussions regarding summer visits took place.

This year we’ll need to make a mid-summer trip home as a part of the study I am involved in with my lens implants.

Make it a great week.



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