Greetings this Easter weekend. We’re all gathering on Sunday and are really pushing for weather other than waves of cold then warm then cold again – all combined with rain and more rain. Although, finally our flowering trees are blooming and the hardy Spring flowers are in all their glory.

Its Spring break and we’ve been spending extra time with the grandkids. Couple this with a virus that I’ve been dealing with all week and it should be no surprise that my new best friend’s name is Imodium Loperamide.

”People will stop asking you stupid questions if you answer back in interpretive dance.” ~ anonymous

The first sign that I had a virus became noticeable at exactly the 2-mile point on my walk. In seconds I’d done an about face and made a beeline for home. By what I was experiencing I quickly began cursing each hill – up, down, even when on the level.

Finally I got to where I was just a couple of blocks from home and just knew that I was going to make it. My stomach sank even lower when I spotted someone coming slowly towards me pulling an old dog on a leash. It was Mike; “Dirk, I haven’t seen you in ages” he drawled softly. And, without further prompt, his grateful dog lay down.

That was the moment I really began to sweat.

Cat Stevens – had it right when he sang “Oh Very Young”. Even while shrugging off my virus I had the best of time with a pair of grateful and happy kids enjoying their break from school and some time with their Opa. Then, just so as not to leave Oma in the lurch, watch them being spoiled by her with attention and snacks.

Days such as these, even if for just a short while, allow all of us to feel and be young at heart. This week I was joining in as we enjoyed a hearty laugh now and then while watching the Peter Rabbit movie.

Our city Zoo they know like the back of their hand, yet they’ll see something new and different every time they go. This time it was seeing a baby Manatee. But, best of all, it was playing (through a thick glass window) with a baby Bonobo ape that was just as inquisitive as we were. (Bonobos share 98% of our DNA and are our closest living relative)


IMG_0028 IMG_0026

But, like the Shinzu Knife TV sales pitch, it gets even better. We went to our Krohn Conservatory to see their “Butterflies from Madagascar” exhibit. I’ll let the pictures tell the story:


IMG_0099 IMG_0084 IMG_0082 IMG_0092


Shotspotter – Many know that Marcia and I live in an urban area. Just to the south of us that area turns a bit squalid; last year there were around 20 shootings in there, so far this year there are just two. There are several reasons for the drop, one of which is a new Police tool called “Shotspotter”. The ShotSpotter technology uses audio sensors to detect gunshots; these sensors triangulate and pinpoint the number of shots fired. When a gunshot is detected, ShotSpotter sends a real-time alert to the dispatch center as well as on-patrol officers. The alert contains various pieces of data including a precise time of the gunfire and an exact location. Couple technology with a more targeted approach to repeat offenders and community policing and the results are nothing but positive.

Finis  – Closing, this weekend there are a few birthdays of note; Al Gore, who has sold the world a ton of goods, is 70. Herb Alpert, who continues to give us heaps of great music, is 83. And brother Arty who is ageless, but nevertheless creeps forward one more year on Monday and who has provided us a lifetime of joy are all being recognized.

Our neighbor-friends in the north woods are spending Easter at their camp. As you can see by the photo of our little Northern Comfort which they sent yesterday, winter is still in control. A nearby lake is said to have 18” of ice. Hard to realize that in a little over a month we’ll be opening up the place for the summer season.


Have a very Happy Easter and make it a day which has you pause and reflect on the promise given and don’t just focus on bunnies and chocolate eggs (although both are also nice).

Make it a great week.



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