Happy Saturday morning. Yup, I know, I know – last week there was NO mention of me enjoying my morning coffee. I understand your disappointment.

There was a reason, we had no coffee machine and I hadn’t gone through the steps to boil water and hand pour it, slowly, through the filter.

Our little Mr. Coffee heated as instructed, then immediately started to sputter a bunch of steam and about 1½ -minutes later would shut down. Before I get inundated with many words of wisdom, yes I did go through the motions of pouring many cups of vinegar through the machine; actually got it to work once or twice. It died anyway.

A quick trip to Walmart for a new Mr. Coffee not only resolved the issue, but also provided a few laughs – love the people watching in that place.

This morning I am handling a wonderful mug of fresh brew done just right.

” Wal-Mart announced plans to open its first retail stores in India and China. Tags on clothes and stickers on items will read, “Made Here.”
~ anonymous (Walmart Bar Joke)

Blink – So, what is BLINK? Back in 2017 Cincinnati saw what Sidney, Australia could do and thus, for 4 days, transformed itself to be one of the “largest light, art and projection mapping events in the nation.” It spanned and transformed 20 city blocks, from the Banks to our iconic Findlay Market, and it featured murals, light shows, a light parade, and interactive art.

1-million people cheered, were awed, and ‘wowed’ the evenings away. Now, it was just announced that in October 2019 BLINK will be back, bigger, and even more stunning that a year ago. Mark your calendars and, maybe, just maybe, it could become a family event. Let me know what kind of interest exists. We did it for boating in Cumberland, and we did it for Tall Stacks paddlewheeling on the Ohio. Does Fun fit on anyone’s platter?

King Studio – Back as far as the ‘40s, walking distance from our home on Brewster Avenue, was the old King Studio (1944 – 1971), a recording ‘hotspot’ for Country, R&B, Soul, and later on a new style; Funk.

King Records was a jumping off point for musicians as varied as James Brown, Petula Clark, Etta Jones, Bootsy Collins, and Billy Ward and the Dominoes; literally hundreds of artists came through King Studios’ doors. The Rock and Roll hall of Fame placed a marker next to the now empty and decaying building and that was the last vestige left of the musical history of the building.

King Records

So, over the past years the building just sat shuttered; until this week that is. This past week the city facilitated a land transfer with the company that owned the property. It was then immediately transferred for $1.00 to a foundation which plans to turn it into a working studio and museum.

Turn the page to a while back when Marcia and I had a dinner gathering with a nearby neighbor and friend at her house. Almost unannounced in walked someone introduced as Danny Adler who had grown up in the neighborhood and was back in town for a few days. He’s a Blues musician and as a kid would spend his afternoons at King Studios.

Turns out he and his engineer buddy broke into the old building, climbed onto an old wooden skid so as not to get shocked from the water puddles caused by the building’s leaky roof. There, powered by car batteries cabled through the car’s cigarette lighter, he recorded a full album; “Last Session on Brewster”. Click to have a listen to his acoustic version of the James Brown mega-hit “Cold Sweat”; recorded by Adler at the place it started. How cool is that?    05 Cold Sweat  



Finis – A couple of my favorite ladies had Birthdays this week and must be recognized. Happy Birthday Dia and Jeanne (Neaners).

Next Saturday there will NOT be a Ramblings, repeat – NOT. I’ll be in Austin sitting valuable cargo named Derek and Kellen. This is so that Kirstin can attend the first Vince Briones Scholarship Award Ceremony taking place in Orlando, FL.

Starting Monday bro Pieter will be in town for a couple of days. Ask me if I am excited!

And finally I am back on an even keel. Thursday I had over five hours  with the Eye center as part of the follow-up to the Ocular Implant study I am in. Verdict? Eyes couldn’t be better! In fact, my eyesight is probably better than it was in my twenties. So, got home after this marathon event and by 7:00pm was in bed and slept for 10-hours. Kudos to Marcia for sitting in the waiting area for five hours.

Make it a great week.



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