Hot, hot, hot – no ifs or buts about it. Guess we have to complain about something don’t we? With that out of my system; a happy Saturday morning to all.

The good news is that today Paul and Dia are driving up for the week as are David and Jeanne.  The bad news is that this makes up half the readership of these weekly Ramblings and they won’t be reading while driving. It’s also “International Bridge Walk” day where thousands walk between the Soo USA and Soo Canada — hope that there won’t be major traffic delays.

Another sip of my coffee while I stew on a solution. I am open to any ideas.


”Oh, h**l. It’s officially boob sweat season” ~ Marcia (and many others)

Walking – For the past two weeks it’s been, “walking interuptus”. With the family here I felt it best to be around as much as possible. This week I’ve started up my routine again and it feels good.

And, oh yes, my routine has shifted. I’ve been spotted splashing around the cool waters of the lake (some would claim ‘cold’)

However, I’ve left time to work on the old and leaky canoe; lots of sanding and plugging holes. This coming week I’ll attempt to fiberglass (somewhat weather dependent) and then it’ll be ready for a fresh coat of paint. Having never had a need to paint a boat, I have a question; why does marine paint cost an arm and a leg?

Marcia seems to think that it’ll be well worth it and a can of deep blue marine paint is already sitting on the shelf waiting. The old canoe will soon be the pride of the lake.

Boating – is something I enjoy. But, have I pointed out the importance of having fresh clean gas available? The plan was to take the Sea Nymph fishing boat through the cut-through and big culvert into neighboring Little Pickerel Lake (it has a very nice beach at one end). The second photo demonstrates the result if ‘stinky’ gas is used.


The kid’s last day also meant that along with Donn and Marlene we all had Happy Hour on a tour of the lake on the ‘Sweetwater’. We were fortunate to have not one but two captains available for the cruise.


Animal Life – Last Monday Kellen raced out after dinner, grabbed a fishing rod and disappeared to the neighbor’s dock, it was twilight. Mere minutes later we heard some jubilant cries; I ran over with the fishing net. That last bit was unnecessary since he’d already landed a very nice Northern Pike. A short discussion and the fish was returned to the lake – young Vili will be here in a couple of weeks and he needs a try at this Pike.

Since it was their final evening, Derek, in lieu of fishing wanted to kayak to the back end of the cove. We paddled up to one of the three Beaver lodges and he started asking questions on how you could tell whether or not a lodge was active. The answer came seconds later when I spotted a Beaver swimming nearby. We stayed as quiet as we could and paddled up behind the swimming animal. At some point it did spot us, leaped up, slapped his tail on the water, and then disappeared under the water. That event became the talk of the evening.

At the water’s edge in front of Northern Comfort we’ve seen a little Mink scurry on by; then, a short while later, it would head the other way. Most often heading back to its nest and usually carrying a mouse or a chipmunk. The day before our gang headed home we all spotted momma Mink going by, but this time she was coaxing her three tiny kits along – we heard much protesting from the little ones.

The day after Kirstin, Derek, and Kellen left for home there was much to do when eight or more Tree Swallows flew in and around the nesting box; it was a flurry of activity. Then, just as suddenly they disappeared and all was quiet. Checking an hour or so later we discovered that the babies too had taken to wing. All that’s now left is for me to clean out the nest they built in the box and hope that next spring we’ll be entertained all over again.

Finis – a little Chipmunk that hangs around the place has learned a new trick. To make coming and going easier for the kids we have put in a flexible screen door that snaps shut with a series of magnets. That brash little chipmunk is now viewing this contraption as its personal ‘doggy’ door. Three time we’ve had to shoo it back outside.


I am certain that Kellen feeding the little guy has absolutely nothing to do with that chipmunk’s improved social behavior.

Thoughts and prayers are with our dear friend and neighbor Doris.

Congratulations to sis in law Jolene and grandson Kellen who’ll enjoy a birthday this coming week.

Next weekend we’ll be back in the ‘Nati for that week. My final eye appointment for the study I am participating in. I’ll try to put out a short Ramblings prior to us heading south.

Make it a great week everybody. To our Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day (July 1st and their 151st) and to all of us Americans, Happy Independence Day (July 4th and 244 years old) [“It really depends on what you mean. The United States of America declared independence from Britain in 1776, at which point it existed under the Articles of Confederation” — Tim Brandner, Juris Doctor from Creighton University School of Law]


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