A great Saturday morning everyone – even though this – short – Ramblings was penned on Friday evening shortly after a stunning meal with friends and family

Dinner was at a place called Pier 17 in the town of Blind River, Ontario and worth every minute of the bouncy ride to get there.

They allowed me only a single coffee after my meal. So, currently I’m between coffees, the one after dinner and the one at Tim Horton’s on the way to Border Control in the Soo in the morning.

”My girlfriend always laughs during sex, no matter what she’s reading.” ~ Emo Philips

Walking and Animal Life – a few days ago I hit the hot pavement for an hour and a half of walking – Fitbit says I must do my 10,000 daily steps no matter what.

I believe I was slumping a bit when I strode into our Northern Comfort compound. What blew me away was Marcia. Not just Marcia, but Marcia-in-a-Kayak! The first such a happening of the summer.

“Hurry you might still see it” she blurted. I scanned our yard, the lake, the neighboring woods, the far shore, even the sky – all looked normal.

By then she was becoming more composed and was able to gather herself. She had seen a large Snapping Turtle; a damaged turtle with a head as large as her fist. “Could a boat propeller cause the head to be turned and be breathing heavily, and have its shell on backwards” she quirried.

It was amazing. Beyond amazing actually.

Seeing all that had her hop into one of the kayaks to assist that turtle should that be necessary.

When she got closer in her kayak, yes, the turtle’s shell was completely upside down. Then, amidst the air bubbles that came to the surface she noted that there was a second head. And lo and behold, a second shell also seemingly on backwards.

Finally the ‘fog’ of excitement lifted and everything came into perspective. Even the ‘long’ tail she had first seen was really not a tail at all.

Marcia had happened upon a hot summer’s day interlude taking place in the shade of a lakeside tree; it was the kind of moment poets write about.

In actuality, these two hefty turtles were too busy to pay all that much mind.

Me? “Did you take the camera out with you” was my first response. As a guy I guess we are more visually inclined and less so in all the ‘twists’ and ‘turns’ of the event as was Marcia.

We love this place (apparently the Turtles do too)

Finis – Congratulations to grandson Marin this Sunday.

Most of Saturday we’ll be traipsing through the forests and fields of Ontario, Michigan, and Ohio. Twelve hours into this adventure we’ll be at our little Condo. Back to the corner of Chaos and Mayhem, throbbing Rap pouring from cars, and an array of local ‘homie’ boys busy holding up their pants all to impress the girls. Aaah, the urban life, even if only for a week.

Derek joined his band to march in their local Independence Day Parade. Austin was hot that day, Kirstin sent a photo of her dash which showed a temperature of 109°F. Whew!

Sunday the plan is to spend a little time with our friend Doris whose disease has taken the upper hand.


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