A cool cold spell means a sweatshirt attired Saturday morning;  a morning where Marcia and I got up at (me on purpose) 4:30 to catch a glimpse of the “once in a lifetime” Blood Moon.

Nothing, all was totally overcast. However, Marcia made us some great coffee. Mucho gracias Marcia.

After the news yesterday I’m still sitting here with a bit of a ‘glow’.

The day after the results of the 2016 election came in, the print and TV media went into full negativity mode – 92% of all reporting on this Presidency has been negative from even before he was inaugurated. With this onslaught the new President tried to gain ‘footing’ and deliver on promises made.

Yesterday the 2018 2ndQ numbers came in – an amazing GDP growth of 4.1% (a number pundits said would be impossible to achieve).

Couple that with record low unemployment for African Americans, Latinos, and Asians, historic tax cuts, the U.S. Embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem (done in 4-months for just a measly $400,000), 300,000 new manufacturing jobs when that was deemed impossible, thousands of regulations cut, a trade deal with the E.U., ISIS in full decline, and NATO nations agreeing to pay their promised 2%.

But, topping all of this great news was this even better news. For many, many families, the wait is finally over. Their fervently hoped for moment had begun. After decades of trying, by Presidents of both parties, to bring the remains of their loved ones home from North Korea Trump got that started.

Can you appreciate my ‘feel good’ moment?

Today I just could not resist using this Tweet as my weekly quote:

”Can you believe it? The biggest Lunar Eclipse in a century is Happening “all over the world” but not in the US. A total disgrace! We will Impose very tough sanctions on all these countries! The United States will not be taken advantage of under Trump. Believe me! #AmericaFirst
~ Donald J. Trump – Twitter (7-27-2018)

A short break – These amazing smiles were NOT the result of anything Oma and Opa did with Vili and Vai. No, these smiles were as a result of mom and dad arriving at Northern Comfort. The kids were great, but seeing mom and dad walk through the door was a magic moment.

Marcia and our neighbor Barb went Blueberry picking. Due to the drought the berries were small – but this makes them taste even better. Marcia claimed that all the scratches received from undergrowth was well worth it.

Bulent purchased a new and larger sailboat – a Rs Quest. It looks great on the water and seems fast to boot. The plan is that this coming week on a day where there is some heavier air he and I will go sailing. It’s been decades since I did serious sailing.

I think that the plan is for him to have some heavy meat on board to hang over the side when he needs to jibe (gybe). Maybe I should start doing sit-ups to work on my abs a bit.


Animal Life – About a year ago we were in full ‘large’ animal spotting mode; most notably having a young Moose visit us in our yard. This year we’re focusing on small animal life (basically because we’ve not had any large critters stop by).

Right by our flag pole alongside the cabin is a small 5’ high evergreen tree. This week we spotted a small nest (about 3” across) made by a pair of Chipper Sparrows. These tiny birds with their red caps we’d seen fluttering around without us realizing why. It wasn’t until we spotted the tiny nest with its two equally small occupants and a nervous mom chirping away nearby that we understood.

I finally rigged our ‘dirty-water’ sump pump so that Marcia could water her veggie garden using lake water and a garden hose rather than schlepping buckets of water from the lake. She still keeps a couple of containers filled so that a small area beyond the reach of the hose can also be watered.

This week, every afternoon, we have a small Mink Frog take up residence in one of those containers. It ‘plops’ into the basin, goes over to the same corner and hangs its arm on the edge. There it sits for several hours before heading out on its nocturnal escapades. Then it’s back the next day.

It was Marcia who put two and two together. Immediately opposite the frog’s corner is a bucket with a picture of a British Bulldog. Neither the ‘dog’ nor the frog talk and both just sit absolutely quiet and look at one another – for hours. Isn’t this what friends do?

Finis – There are a couple of very small leaks in the newly refurbished canoe (more like a bit of seepage). This week it’s supposed to warm up and stay dry and I’ll work a little more fiberglass magic to correct that issue.

Marcia has begun work on creating the components needed to decorate the Sweetwater (our Pontoon) for the upcoming parade to the fish fry across the lake. She’s won this ‘major’ annual lake event three years in a row and is not yet ready to hand the ‘crown’ over to someone else.

After a full week of rest, and me to get back into my daily 10,000 step exercise mode, we’re getting Northern Comfort ready for the arrival of Cathy, Jason, Marin, and Dinah next weekend. Yup, the beat of life in the north woods continues.

Make it a great week everyone!


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