A good Saturday morning on this beginning of a long Labor Day weekend (for most of us). It’s still dark out and it was supposed to be raining – but isn’t yet. Coffee is perked so let’s get underway. 

Last evening six of us gathered at the Red Top.  It sits on the Trans-Canada highway (about a ½ hour drive from us) and is a great little eatery. What a fun time. It’s also the only place we know that brings in a specialty beer from Toronto that is about as nice a Lager as you can enjoy.

Last week, after the Tuesday elections, I learned that in these nutty times the word ‘monkey’ is now racist and accusatory. Hence, I felt the following quote used by Senator Rand Paul somewhat fitting:

”We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us something very special. ” ~ Stephen Hawking, Der Spiegel (October 17, 1988)

My Blog – Last Saturday I listened to CBC Radio1The Debaters. The consideration was between Arthur Simeon; Ugandan-Canadian & Martha Chaves; Nicaraguan-Canadian, both standup-comedians.

The ‘debate’ became one of those ‘walk into a lamppost’ moments as they deliberated whether or not someone should write a memoir. Just so you understand, here are the main components of this type of ‘let it all hang out’ writing:

Autobiography: you want people to know everything about your entire life. Simple enough – if you have enough to share (most don’t).

Memoir: you want people to know about a certain event or time in your life. Often ‘ho-hum’ reads written by folk with inflated egos.

Blog: you write things about your daily life that no one will read.

The winner was Simeon with this rule: “if you have three Blog followers and you have six people in your family, there are three people in your own family who don’t want to hear from you”.

I believe I have four followers so by definition I am thereby doing OK.

Keeping the ‘wild’ wild – Marlene got sick of it. She and Donn walk their dog and both got tired of looking at the trash tossed onto the side of the road. That awareness turned into action and on their short walk they collected a garbage bag of junk.

When getting ready for our regular morning walk of 3-miles she held up a fresh garbage bag and we were off. We’re noticing that we fill to the brim about a bag per mile. So far we’ve done 2/3 of our southern loop and none of our north loop. It’s actually a fair bit of work since most junk blows into the ditches.

Which makes one wonder; what’s wrong with people?

Finally, a ride – In the North Woods we noticed this week that the switch to Fall has taken place. Whereas before we mostly thought of boating now the idea to take an ATV ride crept in. Yesterday it was glorious and we set off on our 2½ hour ride. Eventually riding past the small cabin then owned by Marcia’s dad’s friend and fishing guide.

No colors yet, but the scenery was oh so spectacular. As an aside, I think we’re doing something wrong. This was our second attempt to find an old abandoned fire tower stuck in the bush, without success. And, we’re riding with map and GPS.

Even so, it was a great ride. Though, I am certain that before our dinner everyone climbed into the shower to wash the dust off and get the grit out of their teeth.

Animal Life – On our trail ride spotted a very nice set of adult Moose tracks. The trail was sandy in that spot and by the look of the tracks they were most likely less than a day old.

This week I saw some Loons fly over which makes me think that the adults are leaving the lakes heading for open waters off the coast. We’re also noticing that the song and humming birds are gearing up for their migration. Their activity at the feeding stations is almost frenetic.

Over the years we’ve spent at Northern Comfort I’ve seen maybe three large (chicken sized) Pileated Woodpeckers. Normally we hear them in the nearby woods when they’re nearby hammering away creating some major cavities in a dead tree. This week I saw a pair fly away when they heard me approach – it was quite special.

None of that seemed to be of any interest to this little fellow.

Finis – We talked with Vai and wished her Happy Birthday. As the months fly by it becomes easier and easier to hold a conversation with the grandkids, it’s fun to see them mature. Monday it’s Happy Birthday to George, can’t forget him or he’ll feel short changed.

Down in the heart of Texas Derek and his Anderson Trojan Marching Band unveiled the first section of their new routine – it was the first football game of the season.

Ok, there was some thunder in the distance and a rain cloud went over. Power stayed on so all is good. Make it a great week everyone.


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