It seems like just yesterday that it was Saturday morning a week ago, yet here it is again. My, my, what a short week it’s been. Fresh spring water is in the little Dr. Coffee machine and soon my morning will be in full swing.

Just like it was almost five months ago, only then at the condo, the boxes and bins sitting in the kitchen/dining area here at Northern Comfort makes things look a bit chaotic. The time has come for the annual season shutdown and the travel bins have come out of hiding. Unlike me (hasn’t done much) Marcia’s roller-case is completely packed – she is very ready for life on the corner of chaos and mayhem.

”It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true”.  ~ Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace
“As we all know, this isn’t about truth at all, its about plausibly deniable accusations”. ~ Michael E. Mann, Climategate

This past week it was a good time; a good time to be far away from a television set, but here in the north woods we heard. Heard an awful lot from stampeding folk who only wanted to be heard and who refused to hear.

 Holed Up – is a major component in Marcia’s desire to head south. After an amazing summer Mother Nature said, “Enough of that”. It seems that overnight our morning temperatures dipped to near freezing and the rains caused gauges to overflow. Couple this turn in the weather with several power outages and even the strong were ready to grab a white flag to wave in submission and defeat.

Mid-week the whole day was one of cold winds and sheets of rain. At some point I realized that the little Sea Nymph was sitting way too low in the water. So, immediately after dinner I climbed into my rain-slicks and began to empty the water out. It was a good thing that I did. That night, another thunder storm along with gully-washing rains and a 4-hour power outage and the Sea Nymph was once again riding beyond low in the water. Thirty gallons removed with my baling bucket, plus some pumping and I reached my limit; two hours later the boat was on the trailer and in storage.

Here is what happens when resolute action is not taken. This scene was from Grand Falls Camp at the other end of the lake.

A shiny Pontoon – Many years of being in the lake and held hostage to an annual pollen-on-the-waters event where the yellow dust had baked/caked itself to the aluminum pontoons formed seriously ugly streaks. The Sweetwater looked nasty. Since I had trailered and stored it just how nasty it looked was even more obvious.

Partly because I wanted the boat to look better and partly because I just wanted to get out of the cabin I began my work. Turns out that the pollen was not just caked/baked on, it actually had etched itself into the aluminum.

In the cold, with drippy nose and all, I persevered and won the cleanup battle. Here, judge for yourself.


Neighbors arrived – Bob-the-Forester departed for the warmer climes of southern Ontario and the families in the little cove too had departed. But, prior to leaving Bob and his fishing buddy worked to get his ice-fishing hut ready; stay here for the winter and you’ve got to work at it.

But I digress, so, we were the only ones left on the north end of the lake. That didn’t last long when yesterday neighbors Barb and Bulent rolled in. Here to close up their place and enjoy the fall color they came for a week. A couple of hours later we were sitting in our place for Happy Hour and lots of laughter.

Monday were doing Canadian Thanksgiving at our place (Marcia had previously bought a Turkey breast). Later today we’re off to the burg of Desbarats and their Farmers Market (final one of the season) to buy the ‘bits’ so necessary for making a meal outstanding.

Wednesday – Jason will leave the ‘Nati to join us. He’s here to help close up Northern Comfort. At the same time to provide the muscle to make short work of the more tedious tasks – think things such as lifting the dock, tenting the Sweetwater, placing shutters, and shutting down the water system.

I am totally excited that he’s coming. The one downer is that whereas normally it means I’d be running around getting the place ready I now just have to wait. Not that I mind waiting (I’m good at that), but it means Marcia will ‘hound’ me to get my roller-case packed.

 Finis – Probably there will NOT be a Dirk’s Ramblings next week. This time next week we should be heading for the border. Then Sunday unpacking and settling into condo life and so forth.

The trip south should be just fine. As long as I follow the shadows cast by the big birds I know we’re heading in the right direction.

It’s been fun sharing the summer of 2018 in the north woods with you. I do love this place!

Make it a great week.



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