Well, well, this week was momentous. First we adjusted the time (can never remember whether its forward or backward) then we voted and finally, like the just adjusted clockwork, Broward County, Florida magically finds tens of thousands of previously uncounted ballots days after the rest of the nation has forgotten that there was an election – of course they are all for one specific previously losing candidate.

”The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” ~ Winston Churchill

That burger – Last week I posted that at our family dinner at Gordo’s Pub and Grill I had an over the top Korean Burger complete with a hefty dose of Kimchi and a soft fried egg.

This week readers checked in to see how I was faring while simultaneously gently prodding me with: “just how bad was it?” (‘bad’ in a good sense mind you).

Turns out that Adrianne surreptitiously captured a photo of me at odds on how to tackle the ‘beast’. Uncertainty can be spotted in my new bionic eyes.

School – There is much complaint in our nation about the educational level of our schools – and there have been times where I have not been loath to participate in the rancor. On top of my list are Common Core and the lack of individuality when it comes to tailoring to a student’s specific needs.

Having said that, there is no (as in zero or nada or niks) complaint when it comes to our ancillary educational system – think sports, or music especially.

And, the best time of the year is the fall. The regular education is by then well under way. The parents are already tired of doing homework, and normally the weather is quite cooperative. So, here come the sports and the musical uncoupling of the pedagogical routines. “A picture is worth a thousand words” so says the old saw:

Something new – Tomorrow (Saturday), by this time we’ll be well underway on Megabus heading for Chicago.  We’re off to the engagement party for nephew Connor and Natalie’s engagement party.

Apparently it’s to be held at an intimate nightspot called Studio Paris located in the loop. I was going to wear dress black trousers with my bright red sneakers. Marcia caved in to that idea until she read the on-line reviews on the place where every other sentence begins with the word ‘chic’. Also, mentioned that tipping the bouncer is highly recommended just to gain entry, and a bottle of Makers Mark bourbon brought to your table is $400.00. The old fogies we are I’m now beginning to think that possibly we’re slightly out of our league.

Notice I began by using the word ‘was’ when I mentioned my red sneakers – now changed to dress shoes. Maybe I’ll slither up to the DJ and see if he needs an assist.

Oh, there’s more. At brother Artie’s recommendation (he and Jolene are staying there) we’re booked at the nearby Freehand (quirky) Hotel. Rooms are already assigned – ours has two bunk beds. This all promises to be one memorable weekend.

Now for the something new; I use WordPress to publish these Ramblings. Supposedly, by pushing a single button in WordPress and entering a date and time I will be able to write/load my Ramblings today (Friday) and have it posted tomorrow (Saturday). Let me know if it works, I’ve never tried this before.

Finis – And yes, I will be drinking my regular morning coffee, only from my thermos.
Have a great week. Hope your candidate(s) did well and that your donations were well spent. Please keep the hurting families in California in your prayers – both those affected by natural and evil/sick devastation.

Make it a great week.

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