Off to a flying start. Already answered positively to a text reminding me of a Doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning – after a month long wait for the appointment I felt it best to affirm.

For a while now I had been looking forward to seeing a docu-movie, Queen City Kings, for a one time showing. The movie celebrates the history of King Records. As an aside, the old Kings Records studio is an easy walk from our little condo on an urban corner that I call Chaos and Mayhem. During the 1940s and ’50s the place was as big a music scene as anywhere in the nation. And, on top of it all, King Records brought civil rights to the forefront decades before our nation as a whole realized what was right.

Help, I joined – So it was with some befuddlement walking into our nearby theater to see Queen City Kings – only to discover it wasn’t running till Sunday. (I bought my ticket and will see it tomorrow)

Back out in the cold it hit me that one of the large area Malls was directly across the street and I still needed 10,000 steps on my Fitbit. The mind is a miraculous thing; putting two and two together and in a split second coming up with a solution. Minutes later I joined a sizeable contingency of Mall Walkers. I had officially become a Mall Walker! I was now seen as a Mall Walker! Say it isn’t so.

Who or what are Mall Walkers you ask? We are this snaking wave of humanity that slinks on by every store front thus blocking out shoppers. Shoppers are easily recognizable as those with strollers and seen struggling with several filled shopping bags. As a Mall Walker, the trick is to not give an inch. We just plow on. And, Mall Walkers never make eye contact with a store clerk, even those standing in a doorway handing out free samples – no eye contact! I was a quick learner.

The Marketer in me – Years of sales and marketing combined with walking loop after loop got my mind going. Especially this time of year, a Mall is nothing more than a huge trade show. A trade show with just a handful of weeks to make it an amazing event or a hopeless bust. Starting out, the number of potential customers to all the businesses is an equal. The square footage costs are close to equal. It’s how you bring in the customer, how appealing you make your showroom, how interactive and well trained your sales clerks are, how appealing the whole package is; this is what makes all the difference.
So, I took a few pictures. Let me know which business might be having a “thunderous” season. And which business we’ll probably never see again.

The Great Lakes – The amazingly beautiful Great Lakes “owe their vast size to the latest ice age, when most of the earth’s ice was concentrated in North America, and successive glacial advances and retreats repeatedly crossed the region. Almost all of this water now flows to the Atlantic through the St Lawrence (Lake of the Woods and Minnesota’s Red Lakes drain north through Lake Winnipeg to Hudson’s Bay). At higher stages Lake Erie drained through the Wabash, and Lake Michigan through the Illinois, south to the Gulf of Mexico. They probably will do so again after our present inter-glacial period ends.”  (Raven Maps and Images)

So, eons upon eons after the current climate hype has died and the history books won’t see any worth of even a mention, the ice glaciers will have returned. And my pint-sized mind? All that I can now deal with is; will our little lake and Northern Comfort still get waters from Little Pickerel and in turn feed Tunnel Lake?

Finis – Later it’s a quick trip to Aldi and then some walking. With temps hovering near 60 and then dropping next week I do have to take advantage of it.

Costco is bringing in my new tires from a warehouse in Illinois, so that should happen next late week.

Then Sunday afternoon it’s my special movie time – can’t forget that.

And to one of the classiest Presidents this nation has ever ever been led by, George H.W. Bush, R.I.P.

Make it a great week.


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