Last weekend the temperature was 66. Thursday I walked about and it was a comfortable 60 degrees. Yesterday, under bright sun and blue skies, I managed to do 5-miles with the wind-chill just under 10-degrees; low enough to make it bite your face.

Going into the wind I did look up to see how far I was from the corner when I noticed the large sign hanging on our little neighborhood Dairy Queen ice cream shop; ”OPEN MARCH 1ST”. That’s a mere 2 ½ weeks and they’ll be selling ice cream. That’s a mere 2 ½ weeks and winter will be practically over. I can do that!

Celebrate with me as I hoist my morning mug of steaming coffee; “to Spring.”

You might be a redneck if taking your wife on a cruise means circling the Dairy Queen. ~ Jeff Foxworthy


Our Progressive Dinner –

Progressive Dinner – is tonight!

2019 Annual
Neighborhood Progressive Dinner

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Appetizers #1 6:00-7:45
Sue and Ben Blaney

Soups #2 8:00-9:30
Marcia and Dirk Pastoor

Deserts #3 9:45-10:45
Julia and George Wadih

So, this evening we should have somewhere a little over 40 friendly faces spilling soup on Marcia’s just vacuumed carpet. Since we’re serving several different kinds, the blend ending up on the carpet should create something of value.

It also means that will be a short Ramblings. Reason being, we need to make a run to Findlay Market to stop by the Blue Oven Bakery to grab some of their amazing breads before they’re sold. These breads just disappear in no time.

Frozen 5/10K – was a blast. Once again I was timed in at almost smack in the middle of the pack.

Marcia keeps wondering how it is that I manage to do so well on these events. There is technique which has to be managed and I think I found it. In a nutshell, spot a cute ‘booty’ moving a little faster than what would be my normal pace; then stay focused.

Death and Chocolate – Nearby Spring Grove Cemetery hosts and annual chocolate ‘fair’ assembling around 15 small companies all focused on creating artisan chocolate treats. OK, we’ve now begun to make this an annual event.

Last Sunday Marcia shopped; I managed to grab a cup of chocolate-raspberry coffee. I discovered a reason to enjoy this outing.

Finis – Don’t know what it is about the shortest month of the year. Somehow it manages to pack in a bunch of birthdays. This week it was David Z and my twin cousins in Amsterdam, Karin and Jacqueline; all three on the same day. Many more to you all.

Ever wonder where they get your personal details? This week I was the lucky recipient of a ‘can’t refuse’ offer from an outfit called Pink Grl Pwr. How lucky can I get?

Still doing some of the dinner prep and creating. Bulent introduced me to one of his favorite on-line chefs, this ‘Irish Shepherd’s Pie’ came from Chef John at Food Wishes. Prima! (sorry, I took a lousy [bland] photograph where even the can of Guinness looks sad)

Make it a great week,

Dirk O’Pastoor

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