It’s calm here in the North Woods. Song birds are at it. Our nesting Tree Swallows still busy swooping over the lake hunting insects for their young. Then the Geese, Canadian Geese that is. They’ve zeroed in on our little patch of green to eat and deposit their unending stream of ‘Tootsie’ rolls. The latter is what’s got us upset.

So, this morning, the only one up, coffee perking, and a sun beginning to peek through that I spotted a family, two adults and 8 young. Eight? I hadn’t seen that number of young before. And, these stayed on the water!

With my 1-year old bionic eyes I peered for a bit and then it dawned, this was a family of Double-Crested Cormorants. First I’d seen this year and fish eaters, so no ‘Tootsie’ rolls.

So, let’s start by wishing a happy Saturday to everyone. The title says it all and most certainly this was a boating week. Starting with some storms that rolled on through, and where we saw (from inside the cabin) our wind buffeted pontoon begin to slide away from the dock and into the cove.

Unofficial motto of the Life Saving Service (precursor to the U.S. Coast Guard):

“You have to go out, but you don’t have to come back” ~ The Regulations of the Life Saving Service of 1899 Article VI. Actions at Wrecks, Section 252

Boating – We did rescue the pontoon. It looked worse than it was, the front line had ‘sawed’ through and the stern line allowed the boat to slide forward, but was holding. Pulling it back into position against the wind was the fun part.

The week also proved difficult for most everyone. Donn tried to start his motor without attaching the safety cord – can’t do it. Neighbor Bob-the-Forester was seen being towed back to his dock along with his fishing buddy – engine started but wouldn’t run.

The Colonel’s Pontoon wouldn’t run, was taken in for repair, brought back and wouldn’t run. That was right about the time his family members consisting of four youngsters, two adults, and a load of roller bags showed up.

The latter was quickly remedied when I loaned him the Sweetwater – our Pontoon. Soon, amidst lots of happy chatter, they were on their way. Nearing the entrance to their cove Marcia noted that the boat had stopped. “Just taking in the scenery” I stated. It was Marcia, now armed with a pair of binoculars, who spotted folk hard at work paddling our Sweetwater to the far shore.

That’s when I decided to head on over in a Kayak; turns out that the battery had died. Lots of back and forth planning, scheming, more yada, yada, and all was resolved. Eventually I did get the Sweetwater back and I got in a bit of vigerous Kayak time to boot.

Fish Fry – when done right is just the best, so last evening was amazing. The town Legion Hall was the setting, and this was the last Fry for the summer. For a town of fewer than 1,400 it seemed like everyone had cleared calendars to be at the hall.

Donn, Marlene, Marcia and I have the drill down pat – instead of sitting at tables of 100 in the main hall we slide on downstairs by the bar and secure a small table for four. There we find ourselves eating to a point where we look at one another to beg; “no more, please, no more”. Such amazing fish, flakey and a batter like none other.

Finis – This week it’s wishing Kellen and sis-in-law Jolene a Happy Birthday!

Our bird feeder has gained new visitors, three obnoxiously assertive Red-Winged Blackbirds and an American Redstart (the latter is a striking and beautiful bird).

With Smallmouth Bass it’s the male who guards the nest, and it’s almost impossible to scare him away from this duty. This one is guarding a nest below our dock.

Paul and Dia arrived Thursday and Jeanne and David will be up early in the week – the ranks are swelling!

Being in the North Woods is absolutely wonderful. Having said that, every so often a bit of “what’s happening?  from the ‘Nati pops up. This summer, celebrating the moon landing coupled with the fact that Neil Armstrong lived in the Cincinnati area has an array of artifacts including their capsule be on display. This really did have me give some thought to shoot on down and tour. (the attached is a shot of how it looks inside the capsule)

And please, hold off on any more ‘debates’ – especially when there is no debate just a series of worthless mini stump speeches. “Is my time up?

Make it a safe week.

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