Here’s to a great Saturday morning. Even to those in Cincinnati who have experienced 5-inches of rain in 5 days; and more on the way!

Here at Northern Comfort the weather has finally turned, blue skies, and quite windy. Hence, everything dealing with the dock is now in order. All the boats have been checked, and launched – just waiting for a sunny mid-day to enjoy the lake.

Are you ready? Two days and the funny season will get underway. Last weak I placed a teaser; “This coming week 20 people will take up two evenings of air time. Lots of hot air will be blown. Lots of promises will be touted. Lots of wild statements will be made. Lots of ‘hoopla’ about the wonders of Socialism will be pushed front and center.” This picture might explain:

The easiest way to dig through it all is to go back to, possibly, our most common sense President, Ronald Reagan:

“How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin. ~ President Ronald Reagan

Growing – Being away makes the obvious noticeable; kids keep on growing. At home it’s the little things you observe, but really don’t notice. Spend time away and these same things become “oh wow” moments.

Three photos might demonstrate:
1. Vili (the chef) preparing chicken as part of a chicken-Taco dinner,
2. Derek (seen with a huge smile) doing some initial behind the wheel driving – in a church parking lot (his uncle noted that he now fills up the family’s seven passenger SUV), and
3. Vaioleti and Viliami honored by the President and coach of FC Cincinnati (our Major League Soccer Team) for their scholastic work.

A new drink – Thanks to Donn and Marlene, I have been introduced to Chaga (Marcia refuses to taste it). Chaga is a kind of mushroom which grows carbuncle like on the trunk of some Birch trees. Prepared it looks like black coffee, but has no caffeine. Supposedly has an array of benefits and I find it delicious – especially ice cold.


Since it only grows in the cold north climate zones and seems to be fairly rare, the hunt is on. Hunting in these parts is still easier than heading for Siberia where it seems to be more prevalent.

Finis – Thursday evening I tried to connect the laptop to my I phone Hot-Spot. Failed, no connection! Nearly two hours of frustration later I went to bed. Friday, a new day, and I was back at it. More relaxed I now noted that for some reason my contact/password details which had dropped and by reentering I had placed a character in lower case rather than ‘upper’. Instantly the connection was re-established. But oh, what a pain!

Tomorrow has been marked on Marcia’s calendar. See, there is an auction in the little (pop. 400) town of Bruce Mines. I can appreciate the Farm auctions, but these ‘estate’ sales become a little blaze’ very quickly (translate, headache time).

This week it’s wishing Tevita a Happy Birthday!

Our little Tree Swallow family has taken a new turn. The eggs must have hatched and now the parents, from dawn to dusk, are constantly in and out of their little ‘house’. May Flies seem to be the preferred food for the little ones. These birds are amazing flyers. Yesterday was quite windy, even so they’d come off the lake flashing mere inches above the water and while barreling full tilt, turn, then immediately whip into an opening barely their size.

Two Canadian Geese families glide by with regularity. One has 5 and the other 7 goslings. We’ve pretty well trained them to keep out of our yard, but not totally successful in that endeavor.

The other evening at dusk we spotted a momma duck and what seemed like dozen little ones quietly slide by into the cove. Spring has come and summer is here.

Which reminds me, congratulations, from here on in your days will be getting shorter!

Make it a great week.

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