A super Saturday morning from our Northern Comfort hovel here in the North Woods. It promises to be another blue-sky-sunny-day up here. These have quickly become a very welcome occurrence after a string of chilly, overcast, and rainy days.

Now, I’ll tap into a fresh mug of coffee made with water drawn from ice-cold spring water – so good.

“I always cook with wine – sometimes I even add it to the food” ~ sign in the town of of a Los Olivos store

Los Alamos in Santa Barbara County – was where I spent several glorious days this past week. Tucked in the Santa Ynez Valley I discovered that it wouldn’t take all that much to call it home.

The wedding of Connor and Natalie provided the backdrop. My brothers and sisters-in-law provided the color and the Valley itself the ambiance. What a lovely time we all had.

As a bonus, Kirstin, Derek, and Kellen scheduled a summer family vacation so that they too were able to not only visit with their Abuelito and Abuelita but also with their Opa. Sometimes life is so good!

Catching up and re-connecting with family is something I would recommend to everyone. It helps with the re-establishment and renewal of us as whole persons. And when my brothers and I get together heaven knows what will happen. All I can say is that there is no stopping us!

Marcia – Uber – Marcia went way beyond her job description this past week. My travels required flying out of little (3 flights a day) Chippewa Airport – 2½ hours travel away and this includes a border crossing.

As an aside, years ago Chippewa Airport was the same place that I shut and locked for the night being the only person in the place. But that’s another story.

We left Northern Comfort a 4:00AM for my 7:30 flight. While I sat and enjoyed a bit of coffee and cheese crackers on my commuter plane, Marcia was making the hours-long trek back to the woods. She then repeated the same task on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks Marcia.

Northern Comfort – my return also meant that it was high time that I get busy with cabin chores. Last fall’s leaves had to be blown away, the area around the camp weed-whacked. Boats put into the lake (pontoon is still shrouded on land). And, I need to chase down a small water situation where the pressure drops about once an hour.

Having all these things on my to-do list I have also gotten into a couple of books. So far the books are winning. Currently on The One Man by Andrew Gross, a book I struggle to put down. I guess it’s a downside (or upside) of too many hours in aircraft and terminals as the perfect opportunity to get into a great read.

Finis – Tevita with Vai and Vili are at a family reunion in Sacramento. Adrianne assures me that she’s doing just fine in a quiet house.

Let me repeat this hot under the collar with what radio personality Willie Cunningham calls our City ‘Clowncil’ bit since none of the ‘Clowncil’ have had the grace to resign during the past week. I have not seen greater ineptness, crookedness, and self-serving happenings since living in Cincinnati. For any of you who reside in Cincinnati, I urge all of you to sweep the bums out at the next election – this city desperately needs a clean slate in its leadership.

A little later Marcia and Marlene will head off to a quilting show. At the same time Paul, Donn, and I will head off to a vintage car show. I’d take The Duck, but haven’t had time to wash off the pollen and clean the interior.

Did I say Pollen? The trees unloaded this week. Most any flat surface is covered with the yellow stuff. I took a photo of the lake as the stuff slowly floated by. Mother Nature at work.

This evening the six of us will head out for dinner. The place we’re going to is the Red Top Inn in nearby Iron Bridge. Run by two partners, they spent their winter traveling India; we’ll see if some special ‘find’ has found its way onto the menu.

Make it a safe week.

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