Yesterday was our hottest day; and, being at Northern Comfort means that the ‘duty’ list really never goes away. This means that you’re always having to go outside for one ‘fix’ or another. At 88 degrees and with humidity hovering in the high nineties, Marcia broke out the bottle of Potassium pills. It also means that Marlene and I have begun our daily walk around 7:00am, which works well and is much, much, cooler. Now, put on the morning coffee Dirk.

“I’ve never seen a stronger economy in my life. This is fantastic what’s going on.” ~ Kevin O’Leary (‘Mr. Wonderful’ of TVs ‘Shark Tank’) – on Squawk CNBC

O’Leary’s comment has a solid basis. In an environment where the news, progressive at best and horrifically weak at worst, snaps at our current President by a ratio of about 93% negative to 7% positive. Yet, here is some firm records receiving minimal coverage: lowest unemployment levels for African, Latin, and Asian Americans ever, immense increase in manufacturing – all resulting into millions being able to move themselves off of Food Stamp programs. Massive Criminal Justice reform, and the establishment of the Second Chance hiring program. On another front, two Supreme Court justices, 150 circuit court judges, literally thousands of regulations removed, and we’re now Energy independent. ISIS has been wiped out, massive tax cuts have had an impact, our embassy has been moved to Jerusalem – for decades something desired but never done, and the Iran deal (recently proving itself to be horrible) was cancelled.

So, amidst all the clutter, keep the above in mind.

Keynesian/Hayekian – this coming week it’s another ‘debate’; actually, more of a litany of “I’m so good” statements. And, with the 20 candidates there is virtually no difference; minor tweaking of what the other just said.

The trick is to plow through it all especially since much of their individual speeches revolve in one way or another on economics. Whether or not the subject is wages, medical care, banking, it makes little difference; it’s all economics. And, the distinction will primarily be whether they follow a Keynesian or Hayekian model.

This batch of hopefuls is all in the Keynesian camp. The just quoted Kevin O’Leary describes our current economic condition which is a result of the model espoused by economist Frederich Hayek way back in the 1930s. Now the choice is theirs and by default, yours.
Listen a few minutes to the BBC aired dialogue on the subject conducted by the London School of Economics:

Medical offering – One area of discussion sure to come up by the stalwart-twenty will be that of Medical Care in America – they’ll be pushing for ‘universal’ and ‘free’. Let me give two examples of ‘universal’ and ‘free’.

Neighbor Bob-the-Forester needs a new hip, to the point where he can barely walk. This need has been discussed, and tested for, during the past 18-months. No hip and no surgery yet in sight, just one medical appointment after another. All the more problematic because he has no choice of either doctor or hospital.

Then this from Britain, also a single payer governmental operation comes the story of Oliver who was born with a heart tumor. The doctors in the UK said it was inoperable. Through hard work and sacrifice by the parents of little Oliver he managed to travel to the US for treatment. A healthy Oliver is now back home after successful surgery.

Both mentioned systems operating much like our VA lose out in the areas of constant research demanded by innovation and improved through competition; hence, neither a governmental single payer system just as our system is not offered ‘free’.

Rant – OK, one more rant. I am so tired of the “….. of color” trailer pushed ad nausea by one group or another. It’s mostly used as a stop-gap method of shutting down discourse. Since, if one continues after the ‘of color’ bit has been invoked then nasty labels, i.e. ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ will be pushed.

I am referred to as white, which is actually incorrect since I am pinkish and in summer a bit tanned and these are all colors too. What I am trying to say is that we are all ”people of color” and its flat out wrong for certain groups to claim it with distinct status. Maybe just, “people”?

School Bus Heaven – the other day I spotted the place where school buses go after its year’s long term on dusty roads is done. No longer is it filled, jam-packed even, by screaming and hollering kids. No longer are the brakes being jammed on due to some road rage incident. Forever forgotten is that time when some road-side animal met its demise under a tire or on the grill. Peace and tranquility now reign supreme. School Bus heaven; this week I found the place.

Finis – Today it’s difficult for those of us who were then alive to not be over the top excited celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. I vividly remember sitting in front of our little black-and-white TV set watching a VERY grainy picture of Astronaut Neil Armstrong placing man’s first footprint on the moon’s surface. As did virtually the whole world.

Travel requiring over 5-million components and parts to come together, without failure, to make it all work. A small primitive computer overloaded with data inputs to the point of seizing up forcing Armstrong to manually land the Eagle capsule with mere seconds of fuel remaining.

Now, with a vision of future Mars exploration, maybe kids will again grasp that sense of adventure and exploration. Were you are aware that today kids have more interest in becoming a ‘vlogger’ than an astronaut? I hope that will change soon. Discovery is in our DNA.

Make it a magnificent week.

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