First thing I heard was the wind-chime, so the wind is up a bit. But, it’s Saturday morning and that means that by default it’ll be a good day.

Last evening California experienced a 7.1 on the Richter scale earthquake. This is severe enough to where everyone with either a Facebook or Twitter account posts video clips of water sloshing out of the confines of their pools.

But, I’m in Canada, no earthquake here. However, Canadians are so giving, unconfrontational, and sympathetic, and thus could not just let an earthquake pass without a proper response. So in answer, Hydro-1 (our local energy company), has formally announced that they have scheduled a ‘sympathy’ power outage. Tomorrow morning starting at 6:00am and lasting till noon this whole area will be without power.

Tomorrow morning Canadians will be severely impacted as we experience great difficulty brewing our morning coffees. And today the woods will fill with the sound of small engines as generators get tested and made ready. Oh, the humanity. Oh, the cross-continent circling of arms, as our two suffering cultures come together – the ‘brewers’ and the ‘shakers’.

Already seen on Facebook-Canada, mere hours after the earthquake:

“We hold as a human right, even a duty, to suffer alongside our comrades” ~ Sander Bernard, Canada’s popular (curmudgeonly) wild-haired elder Marxist spokesman

In Canada, the land where tolerance and sympathy are openly practiced, Sander is free to be curmudgeonly. His other attributes just raises eyebrows.

Tree Swallows – The last two young Tree Swallows sat for a day-and-a-half in the doorways of their tree-house. We saw the parent birds going frantic flying in and out with freshly caught bugs trying to fatten the little ones up. Finally seven or eight relatives showed up diving, swirling, and swooping, all the while chirping like crazy – still the little ones stayed put.

Eventually the first took a mighty leap and immediately joined in with the diving, swirling, and swooping. The ‘runt’ stayed put. That is when dad (or maybe it was mom) Tree Swallow who took the time to park alongside the little guy and start a ‘chirp’ conversation. Ten or so minutes later that little guy too joined its uncles, aunts, and cousins.

That little family will never come back to what was their home for these past months. Although for a couple of days, once or twice each day, they’d fly by and circle the little house a couple of times before flying away again. So much fun watching these little lives unfold.

Presidential Question – From the time that I immigrated, here is the complete list of Presidents that have been in office:
• Kennedy
• Johnson
• Nixon
• Ford
• Carter
• Reagan
• Bush
• Clinton
• Bush
• Obama
• Trump
Some were popular, some were not, most all of them were bashed by the media to some degree, some moved the nation forward while others were place holders. One wasn’t even elected.

What I fail to understand is what’s going on today? Starting even prior to taking the Oath of Office our current President was met with the term; “Resist”.

The long list of Presidents contained people I liked, didn’t like, had names I thought were spectacular and some just an ‘empty suit’, some were Democrat others were Republican, yet they were all mine. Why is saying that so difficult today?

7/10/1986 President Reagan reading “Air Force One is Haunted” aboard Air Force One

Finis – In a couple of days grandson Marin will celebrate his birthday – DRIVING age! Then later this week bro Pieter will try to play catch-up to moi as he celebrates his birthday.

Mid-week walking along the highway I heard a nearby Moose call. At that piece of highway the woods are not too deep as an adjoining lake is close by. It was early, hardly any traffic, and so I had hopes of seeing it emerge from the tree line. Other than waiting, with me getting a crease on my back-side (‘arse’ in Canadian) from sitting on a steel cable; nothing.

Spotted a smallish Green Toad doing a bit of sunning. Pretty little thing.

Eight of us had a wonderful dinner at Doc’s Café on Brownlee Lake. It was my opportunity to get Schnitzel (Vienna style) for my main course.

Mid-week we ran to the village of Bruce Mines to renew our insurance policy. While there we had a bite of lunch. Would you believe it, they actually had Chaga on the menu. It was a treat!

Then, I can’t resist, a photo of our 6’3” (plus) grandson Derek with his Sousaphone at the ready for a 4th of July parade. Not certain, but is that his brother Kellen helping hold that instrument in place?

Last evening it was time for an after-dinner cruise around the lake (second one in a week). Wonderful as always!

Make it a magnificent week.

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