Good start to Labor Day weekend everyone. And a safe one, especially to those in the path of Hurricane Dorian. For much of the week we snuggled in tight with a 15-mph wind, but that is a far cry from winds over 100-mph; stay safe.

Rather than bore you with a recitation of local temperatures, let me just say that this August was a far cry from last year. Last year the ‘Climate Change’ hysteria got me thinking. This year I’m more inclined to tout another ‘Little Ice Age’. In fact, last night our heavy woolen ‘Dutch’ blanket provided us the comfort we were hoping for.

Almost weekly we hear something about the ‘Deep State’, the embedded and foggy world of governmental bureaucrats, those who seem to be the real power of government. But then, every so often, there is a little ray of sunshine; a bit of hope:

“Earlier this afternoon I left a message on her phone to share the good news that her plate will not be recalled.” ~ Gov. Chris Sununu, New Hampshire

Every parent has had the experience of going somewhere, setting out, and minutes later from a fully harnessed-in kiddy seat in the back of the car would come a panicky little voice; “I gotta go!”

A vanity plate affixed to her car provided the solution, and had served its purpose well for some years. But then, the bureaucracy sprang into action. The plate, PB4WEGO, was deemed to contain a certain ‘vileness’ and forthwith was rescinded; no ifs or buts about it.

But, like moms everywhere, when pushed enough, these same PTA member, soccer schlepping moms, become fighting machines. And, it shows that even with the smallest of matters, push the right buttons, strike the right blows, and you will get an ear. Governor Sununu listened and Governor Sununu acted.

Gaffe prone – There is a certain Presidential candidate who provides the newscasts with a daily dose of, often warm, little sayings, occurrences, and improvised non-happenings. You know, it allows the media and us little people to enjoy a little fun.

Those much wiser than me are wont to expound that with this certain candidate, these gaffes are likely age related. “Age related” is a euphemism for the concept that with age the brain shrinks a bit and thus thoughts tend to bounce around one’s non-shrinking skull, thus getting topsy-turvy – i.e. confused.

Take me for instance. This week I had an ‘age related’ moment; a gaffe. Happy Hour was at Donn and Marlene’s. Marcia and I drove The Duck and parked it backing to the beginning of the slope down to the lake. Dutifully and safety conscious, I placed a wheel chock to prevent the car from rolling backwards towards the lake. Whoops!

An hour later, getting back to the car I realized what I had done, and much like the aforementioned candidate, it became obvious that I had spotted my error.

Emergency transport – This summer there have been more outboard motor issues on the lake than I can remember. It appears as if every other boat had issues. Even Denny’s pontoon, having been stuck twice over with a malfunctioning engine was pressed into service to rescue someone else’s boat.

My wonderful little vintage Johnson engine – 1955 10hp – complete with wings (so popular on the cars of the era) worked into the cover, displayed problems. Starting on a dime it would quickly die, and then restart without a problem. More than likely its either not getting fuel or it’s a carburetor problem.

I love those service people who love what they do, and have been around enough to also know what to do. For my little vintage Johnson, Chris is just the guy. Chris operates from his home in the small town of Blind River. Packed like a swaddling babe in a moving blanket, the engine was carefully secured in the truck and off we went. Oh, I forgot to mention that this trip was also an opportunity for an outing; so it was that Marcia, Marlene, Donn, and I set out for Blind River and some shopping.

Marcia actually did go shopping. I found the smoked fish shop attached to one of the commercial fisheries. Guess what I got?

Cleanout – For any city-slicker readers there is an aspect of living well outside of an area complete with all the connectivity you’re accustomed to. Notably; sewer. So, here at Northern Comfort we have a septic tank. This also means that for three years it operates much akin to what we all are used to, showers, drains, and flushing are all non-issues.

However, every three or four years the call for the ‘honey dipper’ goes out. This past week I placed the call and Thursday the truck showed up. The whole process is complete in under a half hour. A large truck pulls up, hose sections connected, all workings I’ll leave to your imagination – and you’d probably be correct.

Old Timey Canadian Pubs – when this old timer was a kid growing up in southern Ontario we had neighborhood bars. But, and this is a big ‘but’, there was a huge difference. In Ontario there had to be a separate Men and Lady entrance and a separate but usually connected room. The ‘ladies’ side also could not serve drinks without food being served. So, a plate of bits of cheese and some crackers was immediately put on the table prior to the order being taken. This way the ‘food’ was portion was taken care of. Now laughable, but that was the way it was. Over the years most of these old places have disappeared. Marlene spotted this old (now closed) bar while we cruised Blind River. Memories are fun.

Finis – About 5 miles away is a good sized hydro-electric dam. From it come very tall high tension electric towers. Apparently, this is the year to replace the insulators holding the cables. The equipment and work to perform this feat is pretty amazing – especially the mobile lift bringing a pair of workers to where these cables run.

photo by Marlene vdS

I still fail to see why all the vitriol against our President; vitriol which started even before he was sworn in. During the 1990s Canada had a Prime Minister (Kim Campbell, the first female P.M., in office for 5-months) who tweeted that she was rooting for Hurricane Dorian to take a direct hit on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort; how absolutely crass and classless. Totally uncaring for the many lives and well-being of the people connected with the facility. All this contempt for a person who she has probably never met, but whose viewpoint she is opposed to. (last evening in the face of an uproar she did remove her tweet)

Neighbor Barb and I were walking to the nearby Axe Lake access road. Returning, and about 100-feet away we spotted a large Black Bear. It stoped and we all looked at one another before the Bear went back into the forest. Barb and I crossed the road and proceeded slowly. When I heard an oncoming car I flagged it down and asked the driver to blow the horn a few times. All was fine and we had a story to tell.

Next week we’ll all sing Happy Birthday to brother George

Derek and his band just performed at halftime during his school’s first game of the season — looking and sounding great.

Make it an outstanding week.

Till next week. Pray for the safety of all those impacted by Dorian!

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