Good – mid – morning to all. Rugby-the-dog was dependent on me this week and I had to take care of the morning feed, meet, and greet. Not to mention the initial morning constitutional (he is a very regular dog). Hence the mid-morning start on these Ramblings.

So, as I was strutting the mutt, slogans (and Marcia’s) words of wisdom stayed with me:

“Less talking more walking!” ~ Slogans Hub

Thanksgiving – is going to be celebrated by us tomorrow since it’s the first opportunity for the whole ‘Nati gang to get together. So, Marcia and I made the best of our quiet Thursday. We spent the afternoon seeing a matinee showing of Steve Martin and John Candy in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; an oldie but goodie, especially for Thanksgiving.

Although, it seems like there were not too many folk who had a similar thought. Our first hint was when the ticket taker (with an early attempt at mustache growing) looked twice at our stubs, then steered us to Theater #1. Theater #1 appeared to have been a walk-in closet prior to some previous renovation. Having said that, we ended belly-laughing throughout.

It was Monty Python’s Eric Idle who said;

we do not decide to laugh, we find ourselves laughing. In the dark amidst hundreds of strangers we suddenly find ourselves united in a tribal explosion of noise, which begins in a shout of recognition and ends in the sound of a gurgling drain or a goose being strangled. For a few seconds we are all barking mad together.

And so I’ve come full circle, back to my week with a dog by going “barking mad”; it being the human equivalent of a dog’s bark.

Twice this week – the corner of Mayhem and Chaos did not disappoint. Monday it was an EMT run a few doors down. Last evening it was the street being closed down for a wreck further down.

Let me begin that most evenings Television is worthless. Friday evenings are especially bad. As I walked past our guest room I noticed that the bright flickering light of the cruiser made the wall in that room appear like the flickering screen of a ‘20s silent movie. I just had to test it and Marcia got the honorific role of silhouette-puppet master. That’s how we entertain ourselves in the city!

Time flies – And the kids do grow up. Thursday morning Dinah completed her first 10K – CONGRATULATIONS Dinah! Is it just me or did she actually push her grandpa Jim across the finish line?

Classic – A little over a year ago we snagged a vintage Lava Lamp at an on-line auction. It was only 11-bucks and in its original packaging. At the time I thought it a bit overboard to then have to drive into Covington, KY to pick it up.

Turns out it is one of those classic gems. A great night light, and those newly-made lava lamp replicas can’t compete.

Fini –
I do hunt up YouTube ‘stuff’ dealing with Citroën, Deux Chevaux (2CV) vehicles – which should come as no surprise. This capture from my TV screen is of two brothers (on left) at a gathering of Deux Chevaux owners. What made this extra special is their 2CV which they’d rigged for a trip. OK, what kind of ‘trip’? What would you say if I said France to Mongolia and back! This is in a over 50 years old 40hp 2-cylinder car folks; unbelievable!

Later today it’s a run to the airport to pick up A-T-V-&V. A long day for them, but they’ll be full of stories. Here are a couple of photos Adrianne posted for those not on Facebook. It was an Ongolea family gathering on the west coast; combination Thanksgiving and Tevita’s aunt, Luisa” 80th birthday .


Vili and Vai both talk about the importance of celebrating their family heritage. And, that they did.

Yesterday I tanked gas at $2.029. Almost reminded me of my school days.

Till next week, make it a great one.

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