And a great Saturday morning to all – the 29th day of a month usually found without. Not only that, but last Monday the ‘wheel’ turned another notch on my ageing thing. Vili is our discoverer and was bound and determined to make me a ‘pop-up’ card for the occasion (at age 8). Apparently it took him a few tries but he did it. Open the card and a cake complete with candles comes out at you. Needless to say, it now has a place of honor.

”Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” ~ Satchel Paige, baseball player

Now for a coffee. The mug’s been warmed and the java is done.

We Gotta Shout! – Last Sunday Marcia and I joined in a celebration of a recording made in 1963. When, after meeting at a social gathering Clara Ward and her Gospel Singers and The Dukes of Dixieland decided on a joint venture. This led to a legendary recording; We Gotta Shout! – especially so, since this was still the era of segregation and Jim Crow.

Sunday, we were treated by a wonderful gospel choir together with the Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra in a celebration of that early joint recording. We had the Corinthian Baptist Church rocking. And Marcia claimed she was completely drained as we walked out 2½ hours later. Enjoy these two numbers, Travelin’ Shoes, and Marchin’ In (P.S. Go full screen or even better, play on a TV and do crank up the sound):

Another week, another Debate (part XXVII or something) – Yes, we did see the South Carolina debate – at least until it became noticeable that the CBS moderators had lost complete control and all we could hear/see were flapping arms and everyone talking at once.

Immediately prior to switching the thing off, I swear I heard from somewhere within the assembled crowd someone yelling: “air travel is a human right and we demand that airlines pay for our flights.”

But, best of all is this Tweet from someplace within Bernie’s Movement:

Art After Dark Opening Event – Marcia noticed a reference announcing that last evening at our Art Museum there was an opening social bannered under the heading of; Art After Dark It was complete with a Jazz Trio, cocktails, and Barbeque prepared by ‘Just Q’in BBQ’. How could we NOT go I asked? Two exhibitions opened, first; Women Breaking Boundaries. And the second was a special exhibition “Something Over Something Else” Romare Bearden (1911 – 1988) his Profile Series. The Bearden showing is one of two showing. It just finished in Atlanta and now here. Each of these exhibitions were more than excellent and the evening great fun.

Bearden’s works are a retrospect over the years, many light hearted, some poignant, paints, collages, and each descriptive.

This one was labeled; “when I was old enough I found out what Liza’s mother did for a living.”

Or; “The church was always filled when people knew Reverend Russell was going to preach about Adam and Eve and the Apple.”


Fini – This coming week it’s wishing a Happy Birthday to Dinah.

And Dinah’s brother, Marin, passed his drivers exam on the first try last Wednesday. Mom and dad are swallowing hard waiting to open mail from the Insurance Company reflecting the new rate now that Marin has taken this huge step.

Today, back in 1960 the first Playboy Club, featuring waitresses clad in bunny outfits opened in Chicago. I remember my first visit to the Cincinnati Playboy Club, breakfast at 1:30am.

Also today, but in 1984, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau announced he was stepping down after more than 15 years in power. He was the first Trudeau to smack Canada on the side of the head; a tradition current Prime Minister, sonny-boy Justin, is continuing.

We have a lamp Marcia found at an estate sale years ago. We seldom used it since it was too bright and I got nervous about the amount of power it drew on its skinny little chord. Last evening at the museum we saw the original. A Tiffany Studio piece called Pond Lily Lamp (circa 1906-1910). As luck would have it, our power company had a 50¢ each LED bulb sale, and I had just bought 12 of them for our lamp. Now we’re actually using it!

Visiting Austin? Be sure to RSVP for this session:

Make it great week and stay safe!

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