Super Bowl Sunday and a happy morning to everyone, I’ll get going before the coffee gets cold.

Yesterday was a long one. I woke up sometime after 4:30 when our Power Company texted me that our area had a power outage which would last till no later than 8:30.

Since I had my 5K and realized that in fact we had power, I scurried to make some coffee, and plug in my phone and Fitbit before the power went out. It never did.

The evening was our neighborhood Progressive Dinner from which we returned at 11:30. Off to bed and it was Marcia who heard the EMT dispatch call for Fire and Ambulance to the house directly across from us for a lady with a suspected stroke. So, at midnight, both of us were sitting on the couch watching the goings-on. Makes for a short night.

With all of this I missed this morning’s big event as Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil made his prediction at sunrise. This was the cuddly oracle’s 134th prognostication:

“(Phil) grasped the glove of a handler as a member of his inner circle declared: “Spring will be early, it’s a certainty.” ~ The Boston Globe

Then comes the shocker; in reality, Phil’s prediction is decided ahead of time by the group on Gobbler’s Knob, a tiny hill just outside Punxsutawney. So, this too is FAKE!

Neighborhood fire becomes opportunity – was a chapter heading in last week’s Ramblings. Yesterday this BEAST was parked on the house’s front yard. Marcia thought it fun if I make a weekly record as that area takes on a new look.

She also said that along with a logging of the change with photos I need to remind you of that wonderful Joni Mitchell song;

Big Yellow Taxi
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique
And a swinging hot spot
Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
‘Till it’s gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

Cyclones Frozen 5/10K – For me it was the third time I participated. Yesterday the weather was great, the first time it was sloshing through wet snow. Since no one has any idea what the weather will be like for the event when signing up, it makes for an interesting wait.

I haven’t gotten details other than that there were over 2,200 of us. But, the early stat had me as #5 in my age bracket. This year I think it helped that I made certain that I was running every time I spotted a camera recording the scene.


Brexit – is now reality and from a distance I think the Brits made the right call. Remember this isn’t the first attempt of countries in the European Union trying to regain control over their own status:

“Brexit wasn’t the European people’s first cry of revolt. In 2005, France and the Netherlands held referendums about the proposed European Union constitution. In both countries, opposition was massive, and other governments decided on the spot to halt the experiment for fear the contagion might spread.” ~ Marine Le Pen

Seeing what has been happening in our nation and now in Europe I believe that Globalism is somewhat on the ropes and Populism is making a comeback. It’ll be interesting to see where it all leads.

Progressive Dinner – our neighborhood’s annual event was once again a huge hit. Last year we were one of the stopping points and this year I was told several times that they missed being able to play my vintage Bally Pin Ball machine. I suspect that next year people will want me to trailer the thing from house to house.

It’s always amazing to see the variety of food stuffs assembled at this event. It’s huge fun to meet old neighbors normally not seen; and, new neighbors to welcome into the mix.

One of the highlights for me was running into two guys, absolute Bourbon specialists and aficionados. Especially so since next month friends Barb and Bulent will come down from Canada and the four of us will take a several days tour of Kentucky’s Bourbon country.

One of these guys manages a place across the river known as “Cork ‘N Bottle”. He’s promised to send me details of some of the more special places to visit on our trip.

The other one is just a lover and collector of fine Bourbon. His house was the last on our dinner list and was the Dessert stop. Instead of dragging me past the tables filled with sweets, he took me straight to a special section of his bar area – the Bourbon bar. Not only were there the common varieties, but one specialty Bourbon after another. All except for three bottles which weren’t to be opened the rest were waiting for sipping and testing. Just how good does it get? You tell me!

Fini – A few weeks ago I joined the YMCA. Since then I’ve tried to establish a rhythm where I go three mornings a week to swim laps, approaching about a half a mile each morning. Last week the pool was closed due to repair work and it opens again on Wednesday. Already I can’t wait.

Can’t remember who it was I was talking with but the subject of old 45RPM records came up. We couldn’t come with the name of the little inserts to allow these records to play on a standard turntable. They’re mostly referred to as just ’adaptors’, but I’ve also heard the term ‘spyder’. Anyone know for certain?

Then, I can’t miss out on a smidgeon of the political. This has to be the best response in a text I’ve seen in quite some time. Enjoy:

Make it great week and stay safe!

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