So, what is it? Haven’t figured it quite out, guess it’s the time of day. But I’ll go with the fact that it seems to be a combination of both; pandemic and panicdemic.

I’ve already poured my morning mug of coffee. This morning its primary goal is as an immune booster.

”(Senators) Loeffler, Feinstein, Burr, and Inhofe. The Four Day Traders of the Apocalypse” ~ Dennis Miller

Meanwhile people such as ‘everyman’ John Bleakley writes;

”Remember all the restaurants and small businesses that you’ve asked for years and years to donate to your clubs, events, and organizations? They’re calling in a favor. Answer the call.”

If true that those Senators did use the Corvid-19 tragedy to line their pockets they should be punished to the law’s full extent; and it does appear that they did.

Marcia and I have decided to order out more often than normal and apply a decent tip.

A new way – Marcia now keeps a calendar listing the special senior hours for ‘Q-tips’ (cotton swabs) like us. A number of places have begun to open early for such as we, to do early shopping ahead of the ‘thundering herds’ hot on our heels. I suggested we set up a little business to take advantage and do some shopping for others. It was voted down.

Tents – Across town an array of large ‘party’ tents have sprung up to perform drive-through virus tests. The initial run on the early ones had the powers-to-be mandate appointments. My plan is to just drive up to one just to see if the F-150 can pass through before I formally set up an appointment – better safe than sorry.


Spotted – It would appear that nearly everything catching my eye these days has a medical spin. I see vehicles boldly proclaiming “Mobile Mammogram” or “Bloodmobile” with some regularity. However, this was a first, and I thought the graphics spectacular.

Reminder – That with all the spin regarding this virus is that in fact it did start in Wuhan. It is also a fact that the Chinese authorities arrested 8 people (Doctors and journalists) for “spreading rumors of a local outbreak of unidentifiable pneumonia, previously identifying it as SARS.” That was into December and it wasn’t till January that the Global Times began to write about a new virus. The Chinese initially tried to hide and downplay what they had. They lied!

And, it wasn’t till nearly mid-January that the World Health Organization came aboard to begin detailing what was on hand while still praising China for its ‘transparency’.

Fini – RIP Kenny Rogers. Spinning the radio dial, I’d invariably stop whenever I came across one of his songs, especially “Reuben James”. Also, his interviews as a ‘fixture’ at Willie Nelson’s (plus Neil Young, and John Mellencamp) Farm Aid; especially the 1985 event was a joy to listen to and memorable.

The quarantine plods on. Paying particular attention to the 5-foot rule, Marcia and I have managed a daily walk; she around the block, and me my regular 5-mile jaunt. With the gym closed my lap swims have ground to a halt.

The quarantine and school closures also is difficult on the kids. This note Vili wrote (with some frustration) makes it plain that the days are not a vacation.

Spring is definitely here and many flowering shrubs in bloom, having said that, it’s been raining almost every day. Still, with a gap here and there, it was enough to gets some outdoor time.

Having said that, the other day a Tornado headed straight for us. As sirens wailed there came a point where we were at the door ready to dive into the basement. A couple of miles from us it dissipated – whew!

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Marcia’s aunts, Naje and Dodie and with Dia’s mom. With all the current restrictions on care facilities, it’s not easy on the residents and their families as well as the staff of these places.

Make it great week, stay safe and healthy!

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