Last evening at our neighborhood’s outdoor Happy Hour I was reminded that the weekend was about to start. I am so excited realizing what portion of the week I was embarking on that I woke up early. Happy Saturday, and yes, I’ve already had my first slug of coffee.

”Can’t believe it’s already whatever day it is now.” ~ Chuck Ross

Happy Hour – These weeks, time has both stopped while at the same time it’s slipping by; every day is “Ground Hog Day”. Way down deep you do realize something is different, but tune in and the same dour faces are spewing forth their identical daily list of details, using an unknown term now familiar to even every Kindergartener: Covid-19.

So, last evening fifteen or so of us stood in the middle of Burton Woods Lane, each loaded up with an Adult Beverage of choice. We were properly spaced and happy to see folk we thought had disappeared.


I just want these specialists to know that my personal curve has now completely flat-lined. And, that unless that ‘flat-line’ quickly starts to get a few ‘hills’ and ‘valleys’ I will do what the ladies did in the ‘60s; only I’ll be burning my facial Bra.


Then, take note of Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee this coming week as these states lift their ‘lockdown’. See how long it takes for them to achieve ‘Herd Immunity’ (another term I’d not heard before). And, also of interest, how many small businesses will or won’t reopen. This might be a bit of a guide pointing towards our future.

Black Hole – I think that I’m fairly accurate by saying that the nearest Black Hole to earth is 7,500 light years away. But, yesterday when our President signed the latest half-Trillion ‘stimulus’ package I had seen something no Astronomer had ever seen – the formation of a ‘Big Bang’ and a ‘Black Hole’ simultaneously. I’ll explain!

In the meantime, remember the rallying cry of the Great Recession of 2008, “Shovel Ready Projects”? Can you name even one project started and completed from that venture? I can’t. So now we’ve experienced the first $-multi Trillion ‘stimulus’ package. Yesterday the second piece was signed and the planning for number three and number four is underway.

Each of these does have some monies for their designated purpose, but have no doubt; a better half is pet project ‘Pork’ (the other word for ‘Pork’ is WASTE). So that is the ‘Big Bang’ we just witnessed. The ‘Black Hole’ our grand-children will see the full effect of when those borrowed dollars come due.

Positive – One thing that is happening for the first time in my lifetime is occurring and I think it positive. We’ve always been told of our nation being a ‘Grand Experiment’; a series of states which hold the power and a minimalist Federal government. That idea had long ago disappeared as more and more of the power is being concentrated in Washington DC. A slight crack in that formula is creeping in. President Trump in a brilliant move is diverting many of the ‘next steps’ to the Governors of the various States – the true pieces of our Grand Experiment.

Birthday – Jason had one of those strange Corvid-19 birthdays. We talked on the phone and since there was a slight dampness in the air (not quite rain, but dampness which did stay on my hoodie) Marcia decided to stay home while I went over to their house to both hum ‘Happy Birthday’ and bring his gift. After all, Marcia had delivered him in the first place and was totally familiar with the whole birthday thing.

So, we sat outside on the front porch, properly spaced as we were told. It was a good visit with happy chatter and laughter. But, I missed the raucous behavior as we would gather as family in some warm place eating unhealthy, but oh-so tasty, pub foods – and I am certain Jason did too.

Shopping – This week I had to swing by our Kroger grocery store. Blue gloved ladies were scrubbing down the handles on carts. Plastic shields at the registers and masking-tape lines on the floor. None of that really piqued my interest. What did catch me was the wide array of home-made face masks. As I explained to Marcia, for a moment I felt as if I were on the set of some old Western Movie with all the bandanna variants.

Fini – I came across this old cover and thought of my mother, our ‘Omi’. And it’s so true, she really lover her fried chicken. And, to her, Colonel Sanders was indeed the sexiest Chicken Salesman around.

IMG_6571      IMG_6597

Today, back in 1961 Robert Noyce was granted a patent for the integrated circuit, or microchip. To our kids and our grandkids computers coupled with the internet have been around forever. But, the earliest opportunity to even contemplate all we take for granted electronically began only a mere 59 years ago.

It’s springtime here and in The Netherlands. This is what the fields of tulips look like prior to the bulb harvesting start-up.


And yes. The weather was great. And our now nine year old Viliami burst out with the fact that he had a great Birthday (even though no kids were present).


Also today, back in 2014 the city of Flint began sourcing water from the Flint River and with that began a debacle which brought to the forefront incompetence and cover up on multiple levels. Meanwhile the citizenry of Flint is still paying a price.

It’s beginning to look more and more like the only thing I’ll be doing in Canada is pay our Property taxes. The border between Canada and the US is closed and from what I read, Prime Minister Trudeau is in no hurry to open it. Fingers crossed – maybe Trudeau is waiting for Black Fly and Mosquito season to pass first.

While out on my walk I passed a UPS Store. Got a bit of a chuckle when I spotted the Amazon driver dutifully standing in line (#5 from the front door) to either deliver or pick up. No favoritism shown here.


Make it great week, stay safe and be healthy!

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