It’s Saturday morning and I am tired. Tired, of being subjected to the constant stream of hyperbolic intensity over Covid-19. Tired, of being coerced, sheep-like, into a behavior pattern which changes constantly. Tired, of feeling like a lab-rat. Tired, of watching life as I know it careening down some demon roller-coaster. Tired, of the general malaise and grief exhibited by those cooped around me.
And, I don’t think this needs to be thus.

”Funny how everybody with a degree is sitting home right now and the trades are running this entire nation.” ~ Sandy Schneider

January and February we were told that for the citizen on the street Face Masks were of no benefit. This past week we’re advised by these same ‘experts’ that the only sure way to avoid the dreaded virus is hand washing plus the wearing of a Face Mask (only now these items can’t be found anywhere).

Churches are closed – the new and improved sacrament is ‘virtual’. Even with a funeral those grieving are limited to ten (the ten very best grievers) and they are properly spaced graveside. At the same time, a few blocks away, an abortion clinic is operating in ‘business as usual’ fashion (3,000 guaranteed deaths a day nationally).

Two hours a day are taken up with the ramblings of our President, who insists he mix ‘hope’ with ‘hopeful-projections’. The shoring up specifics he leaves to the experts; these, by and large, are ‘expert’ at painting only the worst case scenarios. They have already been installed as our new WuFlu Rock Stars – have you gotten your Dr. Fauci Bobblehead or a magnificent imitation Dr. Birx scarf yet?

Really now, could we not also have input from the nation’s best constitutional law and Economic experts. I’d like to get a more complete picture. And, while at it, how about some experts from the field trying out experimental ways to take the bite out of this virus (think of Hydroxychloroquine trials being conducted) – the silence on this subject by the CDC, NIH, and the like is deafening.

This well-staged event is then followed by an hour of Junior High Journalistic trainees who confuse the gathering and reporting of news with their 3rd hour debate class – through wildly swinging raised arms and, “me, me, me”; all the while looking for a ‘gotcha’ bit.

Flatten the curve – and we’re all pulling to do just that; even though the whole curve thing is based on a projection of a single model. Yet, for most of the nation the hospitalizations model has little reality. Our hospitals here aren’t under stress. Yet the Ohio National Guard filled up a parking lot with equipment in order to transform our convention center into a 500 bed hospital.

Hours of overtime were issued in order that the Mercy and Comfort (both 1,000 bed hospital ships) could be made ready and positioned ASAP. By mid-week all was a go. Yesterday the one had 12 patients and the other 3.

A day ago the head of our board of county commissioners held a press conference. She started by saying that overnight she was, “gut punched” by the news of two individuals dying due to Covid-19 – the first Covid-19 deaths in an area of almost a million people and after the virus running rampant for 3-months. After all was said and done, almost as an afterthought, it was mentioned that both had “underlying causes”. Sad, but good grief.

I have lived through other stressful world events: HIV, H1N1, SARS (had to fill out paperwork enroute upon returning stateside), mass shootings and 9/11 and our response to all of these was never a total shutdown or even a partial one other than air travel for a short period after 9/11.

Remember when President Obama and Joe Biden held daily briefings on the H1N1 pandemic? Neither does Andrew Pollack who presented that insight. [More than 12,000 Americans died of H1N1 US in 2009, and 275,000 were hospitalized]

On the scanner, Marcia reported that there is now a stream of calls revolving around stabbings, fights, and domestic altercations. It must be the pressure stress and of being cooped up. Thursday, close to the nearby Belvedere building, a guy was beating up on a woman in the middle of traffic. He could be heard yelling; “pay me my money!” The police came and that situation was resolved.

It’s not easy to ‘flatten the curve’.

Tale of Two Cities – Social Distancing is the only way to go when talking with all my neighbors and friends; and we all practice it (we’re very good sheep). Ok, the distance fluctuates between 3 and 6 feet, but we do it. Why, yesterday was an organized a neighborhood 5:00PM Front Porch Pour Happy Hour. Chairs placed on porches and in yards and a new ‘togetherness’ ensued.

Meanwhile the ‘homey-boys’ in a nearby house threw a party, guys wearing saggy-pants streamed in. The music thumped, hugs and secret handshakes ensued. Eventually the ladies started porch twerking. However, it was when basement-wall urination started taking place that Police were called. A while later a strapping policeman pulled up on his bicycle (cruisers seem to have also been affected by Covid-19). He dealt with the situation with good-nature and (for a while) things broke up and some left – high-fiving the cop on their way out. Social distancing apparently is interpreted differently. Will the outcome also be different or is it all part of the ‘soup’ we’re in?

But we try – As gloomy as our news is and as our outlook is (or so the TVs blare). People want the best. Parents with little ones walk by and wave. Even at 6+ feet the nods are a bit more frequent. And, it’s Springtime and hope does spring eternal. Even banners of hope have been positioned.

Collective Grief – It’s Kirstin who steered me onto an amazing interview with David Kessler on Grief. Kessler co-authored with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross dealing with her ground-breaking work on Grief and Dying.

The collective national grief we’re currently part of is dealt with head on, and the Podcast (attached) should be part of your weekend. Enjoy!

David Kessler and Brené Brown on Grief and Finding Meaning – Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Fini – This week it’s one of those Birthday specials; Dia and Jeanne P.

Walks are as invigorating as ever. And, now that I’ve discovered the new walkway to our old part of town I can be seen on it at least every few days.

In music, we lost Bill Withers this week. Songs such as “Lean on Me” and “Ain’t no Sunshine” are iconic.

Under the ‘Really?” column; this headline from The Guardian in the UK; “Nightingales at risk due to shorter wings caused by climate crisis”. Seriously?

Under the “smile” column; “New York To Raise Taxes On Coronavirus Causing It To Flee State” (I presume primarily to FL). And also, a sign next to a Meeting Hall: “Procrastinators Anonymous Meeting Postponed Indefinitely”.

Lastly, some good things happening in the World:

Make it great week, stay safe and healthy!

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