It’s early Saturday morning, a coffee time to cherish. And probably with little guilt, I’m drinking it without a mask!

This week America awoke; awoke from weeks of sullenly obeying. The nation arose. I don’t know the ‘why’ for this despotic ongoing virus crackdown. I do know that I’ve lived long enough to have developed a pretty decent BS meter, and it’s going crazy.

”It is not that we don’t have enough scoundrels to curse; it is that we don’t have enough good men to curse them.” ~ G. K. Chesterton, known as the “prince of paradox” was a poet, lay-theologian, philosopher, arts critic, and oh yes, an author

Loss of wit – This whole WuVirus business has my disposition hanging on a thin tether. I have noticed the beginnings of a loss of humor and this cannot be. So when the dear lady at the YMCA called me (note; I am a member) to ask if I needed anything; “Medicine or a food perhaps”? I answered; “no”. “Anything else then”; came the response. I answered that I’d stopped talking with my wife long ago and that possibly having them send me a comedian would be good. This only caused a snicker at the other end – there was no verbal response. I don’t think I’ll see my requested comedian.

Bernie – I believe it was last Saturday, but possibly it was earlier that week that my phone rang. I got to it just as it clicked into Voice Mail mode, but in time to see the screen which read, “Team Bernie”. It was a sad moment. I had just missed a great opportunity to have an hours-long discussion, uplifting, of substance, and possibly inspiring. Marcia took note of my whining and labeled it, “bizarre.” Notice how well we’re making do in today’s new world?

liberté, égalité, fraternité? – Finally we’re seeing the first instances of civil disobedience. We have a large number of competent Governors in a variety of states. There are others who have used the Corvid-19 opportunity to turn their states into ‘Police States’. Most of these latter types have issued their dictatorial edicts under the banner of; “following the science”. Peel away and what’s left is an onerous array of edicts which justify nothing, but promulgate their own narcissistic, power hungry, and political favoritisms. Dental work or a knee replacement becomes “unnecessary”, a liquor store staying open or an abortion on demand is a necessary health item. A ‘weed’ store is fine, a walk on the beach is a no, no. Insanity!

America is different because of our early beginnings and our Bill of Rights and its implicit freedoms. Unlike our European brethren and their acceptance of more governmental cover (France even has this thought embedded in their motto: “liberté, égalité, fraternité”), we have always wanted Government out of our lives wherever possible. Although the push towards ‘Globalism’ over the last decades has made us different from what we had enshrined in our beginnings. The turn towards Globalism has chipped away at the ideals of our historical backdrop and has inserted an ever larger intrusive governmental dependency into our daily lives.

Even so, it is in America where we see an outburst due to people having ‘enough is enough’ by demonstrating in a number of places, most notably this week’s occurrence in Lansing, MI.

Interestingly, on the heels of Lansing’s outburst came their Governor’s ghoulish response; a ridiculous response issued under the umbrella of Covid-19 necessity, an edict which had caused the people to rebel in the first place – i.e. do this again and I’ll do it more.

Fish – Last Tuesday, mask and all, I headed into town for Take-out Tuesday dinner. It had been a good while since stopping by Alabama Fish Bar. The place normally holds five people max, standing, shoulder to shoulder (no groping allowed – EVER). I mentioned the latter since the proximity issue always made digging around for one’s wallet a bit of an issue; “sorry just getting my wallet” and a hint of a smile.
Now, we did the socially responsible distance thing, and each person waited outside on our carefully positioned designated piece of Blue masking tape affixed on the sidewalk. By the time we made it inside the Fish Bar we had become so used to communicating with people around us done through a face-covering mask that placing our order to another person wearing a mask was now a new normal.


Eyes Open – This whole Wuhan virus thing is not yet finished. In fact it’s just beginning. Remember the name “Shi Zhengli” when it starts to become more visible as details of the Wuhan laboratory start to unfold. Couple the whole virus affair with China’s Communist Party apparatus subterfusing any international efforts to discover the cause of the pandemic. Then there is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cow-towing to and parroting of China’s propaganda. The whole history of the WHO is questionable, beginning with this statement from Brock Chisholm, the very first Director-General of the WHO (1947 –1953)

”To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.” ~ (from) a Speech given at the, Conference on Education, Asilomar, California, September 11, 1954

As late as January 23rd, 2020. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (the current Director-General of the WHO) declined to declare the China virus outbreak as a global health emergency. Even after travel to China the WHO did not release independent advice to the International Community; only Chinese issued details were shared. All this caused weeks long and possibly months long delays in dealing with the virus issue – think lives lost, misery caused. This focus on the WHO is not over yet.

Excellence in Television – Being homebound does mean that we’ve enjoyed some very fine specials, such as Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid Hope show and audience-less Grand Ole Opry performances.



Fini – Later today it’s off for our first ‘real’ venture. It’s patio time and a cookout celebrating Vili’s Birthday. No masks, but proper Social Distancing for you worry warts.

Dia’s mom, in her mid-nineties, was tested for the virus and is negative. CONGRATULATIONS. I’s a shame that it’s such a heavy handed approach which dictates no visitors to our elderly in residential facilities, A careful routine with controlled numbers, yes but, mandating ‘no visitors’ for these folk is just cruel. I remember visiting a hospitalized friend several years ago. His cancer treatment had killed off all his white blood cells and donated cells had been inserted. At the time he had no immunity! A carefully overseen clean-up and garbed routine allowed my visit – it is possible and safe if done properly.

A neighboring Condo unit had an internet issue and so Spectrum came out. Things did not go well and eventually there were three trucks out in front (a crew and a called in supervisor). As work progressed, we too, lost our internet. I just knew that this crew had it all confused and in reverse – no masks, but shoe booties. When they finally left I realized that it was just good to have people in the place normally, meaning without masks (I just couldn’t get used to those silly blue booties).

And probably a first, Kirstin home-made great looking jars of Dill Pickles complete with dill-seeds.

Make it great week, stay safe and be healthy!

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