Saturday morning and waking up I heard Marcia’s scanner tell police that ‘Shot-Spotter’ heard “shots fired” in more than one location. The city never sleeps. Here, even traffic passing by the corner of Chaos & Mayhem has eased up. Having begun on these Ramblings, Mr. Coffee just alerted me that my first cup-of-Java is ready. So let’s get started. First, remember this is day 177 of the 14-day lockdown to “flatten the curve”.

If you could see me this morning, I’d look a little different to you, a little ‘hunched’. Carrying a heavy box of stuff home from Costco I twisted putting it into the truck bed and pulled a muscle. So here I sit with my Home Depot back-brace. My mother would have called it ‘Lumbago’; remember that term? Even so, Fitbit gave me this bit of wake-up news this morning.

Which does remind me, now that all the tests are in from my recent physical; I find that I am in great shape. So, best discard the back-brace thingy as quickly as I can.

The Nutty Season – is now in full swing as both political conventions are behind us. This week I spotted a video of Senator Menendez walking around a restaurant with no mask. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just officiated a wedding with no mask (while undergoing cancer treatments). Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her hair done (illegally) without sporting a mask. Yet, their party and to a person, they say we can’t vote in person. Liars!

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi;

“an eighty-year-old woman who’s having a cat fight with her hair lady is in line for the Presidency.” ~ Anna James Zeigler

Ponder that for a minute!

“Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, and then it tries to silence good.” ~ Archbishop Charles Caput

Birthdays – This week my mother would have celebrated her 109th birthday. An only child growing up in a military household and educated as a teacher she was much stronger than we (my brothers and I) realized. She got married at the outset of WWII in occupied Netherlands – to an outgoing sales-type husband. It took a yeoman’s sales job by her to convince her dad that marrying such a person was a good thing.

Under the laws of the time, getting married and planning on kids, meant that she had to quit her teaching profession; times were different then. The difficult war years faced her. I was born during that time; at home. Also, this new husband got involved in efforts to do damage to the occupying forces and aid their Jewish friends – getting caught could be disastrous (I do remember him being taken away twice and managing to clear himself each time).

A decade after her marriage we were in North America, all without her knowing or speaking a single word of English. A short decade later, our dad, her hubby, died leaving her with four (difficult) sons to raise and minimal income.

She managed. She actually succeeded and blossomed (thanks Madeira Garden club). Thanks mom. Loved you and still in my heart.


I did head this portion “Birthdays, in plural. That is because my brother George had his birthday this week. George exhibits a problem that many of us guys have. Asked what we want as a gift and we get tongue tied. Of course the solution is to plan ahead and to speak up. Our local sage, Earl Pitts “Uhmerikun”, is most eloquent addressing this very issue:

Diverse – As a regular reader you know best how I love to make note of the various happenings here on the corner of Chaos and Mayhem. However, the past couple of weeks it’s been quiet (not ‘serene’ mind you, just quiet). About the only thing that’s different these days is the cadre of Census Takers floating about.

I’ve yet to see a Census Taker display any sense of urgency. Apparently they are not paid on any quota scheme, nor are they paid by ‘successful completions’. In fact, usually they pull up to the curb where they lounge in their car (where I swear they sit and eat bags of yellow Cheese Curls). When done they finally get out and stand on the sidewalk seemingly to take note of the neighborhood. Standing on the sidewalk, not moving, and with a bewildered look; much like a cat walking into a room not remembering why.

Anyway, we are a diverse neighborhood. My squad (recently having become a political term) of four readers is pretty well located in lovely communities spread to most corners of our nation. How many of you can walk around and in fewer than eight houses away see sights such as these? You just have to love it!

Fini – Today in 1793 was the beginning of The Reign of Terror period of the French Revolution. I mentioned our ‘nutty season’, but ours is nothing compared to their series of massacres and numerous public executions which took place in response to some crazy revolutionary fervor. They kept the guillotine, or Le Rasoir National (The National Razor), very busy.

Today in 1957 was the release of ‘On the Road’ a novel by Jack Kerouac. It’s one of those defining a period sort of book and if you haven’t read it you should. This continuing ‘lockdown’ period would be a most excellent time to do just that.

The other day I walked the neighborhood at dusk. In front of one of the houses were three deer. The (large) Buck was partially hidden by some bushes and trees. This Doe was comfortable enough to continue eating. Remember we’re three miles from the center of a good sized city.

A couple of years ago Marin spent the summer as an intern for the Artworks nonprofit agency which uses nationally known artists to have them design art specifically for murals. These are then placed around the city. A new walkway, the Wasson Way trail, at one end has a few commercial buildings. This was placed on one of them. And, this stunning piece is just half of the whole thing.

Remember, today is the running of the 146th Kentucky Derby in Louisvile. This year it’s being held 4-months late due to the ‘vid-19’ – which horses can’t get and people still can’t watch. These are strange times.

Make it great week, keep the peace, stay safe, and be healthy! All Lives Matter.


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