A good Saturday morning to all. I opened my eyes & checked the time, 5:00AM on the nose. Most Saturdays I am well underway with these Ramblings by that time. So, 5:00 was a little later than normal, but not late enough to start making ‘late’ excuses. In any case, the coffee is ready, thus ‘awaaaay’ we go. Glad you’re along for the ride.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Passed last evening (in case you hadn’t heard). May her memory be a blessing. As a hard left leaning Justice she had developed a devoted following. And at the same time many of her legal positions were disagreed with by others. This happens when one has and maintains a position based on a core belief.

What stands out most for me was the well-known close friendship she had with hard right leaning Justice, the late Antonin Scalia. This demonstrates that (and especially during these times of extreme political positioning and vitriol) civility can be, and deep friendships can form and grow, while staying true to one’s core beliefs; be these opposite. These two recently late members of our Supreme Court leave this as part of their lasting legacy. RIP – RBG.

Going on Month Seven – Enjoying the six-plus month anniversary to “Two weeks to stop the spread?”

“My friend, Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo: “If reason finally prevails over panic, policy makers will reopen schools and focus on the vulnerable”.” ~ Dr. Simone Gold: MD, JD, FABEM, board-certified emergency physician

Your (my) Political Update – Last weekend a Road Rally rolled along I-275 around Greater Cincinnati: this to show support for President Trump — 9,000 strong. This outer beltway, forming an 85-mile circle, makes for an impressive sight and sign of support. Mentioning this Rally in our neighborhood would have people crossing the street to pass our place.

A new ‘bone’ tossed into the political arena is something called “critical race theory”. During the decade of the Nineties I thought we were well along moving beyond this business of tossing everyone into one ‘silo’ or another – based on race. Yet this business returned under the previous administration and now is picking up more steam. I am happy that President Trump spoke out on the latest manifestation of this ‘theory’ by embracing the principles 0f 1776 over a journalist’s release of something labeled 1619. Likewise, putting a halt to forcing federal bureaucrats to sit through hours of indoctrination sessions; forcing them to learn to feel miserable over their skin color. That whole business is abhorrent!

Lastly, it seems that things don’t change all that much and that people easily forget. This monologue piece is from Johnny Carson the host of The Tonight Show (1962 – 1992) and was from 1987.

Rap – Earlier in the week I was on an afternoon neighborhood walk and came across these neighborhood kids. But first, let it be known that I enjoy all types of music – immensely. This would include most country, especially rock from the ‘golden’ era, Jazz, foreign language material, Classical, Choral, Blues, R&B, need I go on? Then I come to Rap; I detest Rap.

Living on the corner of Chaos and Mayhem I begin to shudder whenever one of those ‘hoopty’ mobiles with their 5,000-amp amplifiers stops at the corner Stop sign and all of our windows start to vibrate. I hate rap.

OK, so I came across this group of local kids. They had a speaker system set up, two were doing the moves, one was filming, and one was Rapping. I stopped. I listened. Then I asked if I could ‘hang’ for a bit and take a picture or two. Then I had a very good time watching these kids work with amazing energy, total focus, and absolutely absorbed in their project. Do I now love Rap? The answer is still No. But, I have gained in appreciation; of the musical style, what goes into it, and the fact that these undeniably motivated  kids rather than just ‘hang’ and get into trouble can channel their energy.

Look closely at the photo, who knows; maybe down the road you’ll recognize a face in some Hip-Hop article showing an emerging star. Go guys!

A Glass Eye – Nearby Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum became the destination point for one of my walks this week. It’s a wonderfully peaceful place with mile after mile of roadway, ponds, and plants (plus a lot of gravesites); and is the final resting place of my parents. Also, I have taken advantage of their events, such as taking a guided nighttime horticultural walking tour. On that tour I learned that there are located three busts in the place where the family had glass eyes placed into the sculpture. This fact I promptly forgot; until this walk.

Turns out that close by to the section where my parents lie is the family grave of a Mr. C.C. Breuer. It is his marker which is one of the three mentioned to have glass eyes. The fascinating thing with the glass eye is when walking past the monument it actually appears that his gaze is following you.

With C.C. Breuer there are two versions regarding the eyes. An optometrist by trade, he committed suicide in 1908, he supposedly requested that his eyes be removed, put in glass, and placed in the bronze bust likeness of himself. The other version is more mundane; purchased glass eyes were used.

Stop by, I’ll give you a private tour and you can decide.

Fini – It’s really beginning to look like the border into Canada won’t open till November. I do want to at least get there to review the status of Northern Comfort and to ensure that it’ll be OK for the hard part of the winter.

I have arranged for our Duck, the little Deux Chevaux, to be secure for the winter. Having put 0 (as in ZERO) miles on a car you love to drive is difficult. But, what is, is.

I drive Marcia crazy whenever she catches me watching a YouTube of some historical WWII black-&-white footage. I never realized that they actually filmed as much as they did – both by the Allies and the Axis. If this is of interest to you just start your own hunt, you’ll be amazed as to what is available. I mention this because today in 1944 was the start of the Battle of Hürtgen Forest – a series of fierce battles fought from 19 September to 16 December where whole armies disappeared in the forest. This fight, on the heels of Normandy, is almost forgotten by the Battle of the Bulge, yet it was horribly fierce.

Yesterday I saw a photo of Paul back in his favorite chair. Welcome home Paul

Marcia’s dad loved taking photos. These, almost all slides, were left by his passing, boxes full of the things. As time marches on these became more and more just potential items from the past to pitch. To the rescue came grandson Marin. He loves photography. He loves technology. He bought equipment to digitize the slide collection. This week he sent out a link for us to view or grab 660 of these transferred so far. Reviving old memories captured decades ago is wonderful – such as the time Grandpa’s whole house was moved several blocks to a new location.

A huge (as in ‘YUGE’) thanks Marin.

Make it great week, keep the peace, stay safe, and be healthy! All Lives Matter.


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